Adorable Personalized M&M Favors!

Over the weekend, we had a beautiful baby shower for my sister and her husband. Each of us had a few tasks to complete, and one my jobs was favors. I just HAD to share with you all how cute they turned out!

We did an ‘Under the Sea” theme, so I decided to go with personalized M&M packs in blue, blue-green and white to celebrate their little boy. I had the candies personalized with Welcome {baby name} and also some had little baby footprints on them. They ended up costing about $2.50 per pack and I found a random promo code online that gave me about $11 off the total order.

I found a cute little basket and sign holder one day when I was out thrifting/antiquing and I printed off an easy little favor sign.

The best part was that they took me a minimal amount of time to place the order (rather than running around to a bunch of stores and making something) and they are M&M’s… so YUM.

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5 thoughts on “Adorable Personalized M&M Favors!”

  1. How do you have them customized? This is so cute, and, like you said, for a minimal amount of time. You could do this for many different holidays, birthdays, etc.! So cute! And they are so yummy.
    Thanks for sharing this fun favors idea.

      1. I even got personalized labels from Etsy to put on them. I was very extra that year. But only that year. It was back to my regular disorganized mess the following year.

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