People Want to Send me Hooker Clothes

I think I might be popular.

I mean, I’ve noticed that I’ve had more visitors than usual over the past few months and that’s pretty cool. I also had a few more people start following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… like Taye Diggs (?!?!) , so that’s pretty awesome too.

But the reason I think I might be kind of a big deal is that I have been getting some AMAZING opportunities sent to my email account.

I mean, AMAZING.

People want to write my blog
Yup, I have had probably a dozen requests in the last month or so to provide content for my blog. My lifestyle blog. About my life. My favorite is when the writer tells me that they are a big fan of my blog and that they work within my industry and would like to provide me with content.

Um… by “working within my industry” do you mean “living my life?” Because, that’s weird. And a little creepy. No thank you.

People want to sponsor my blog posts
I’m totally big time because I’ve gotten a crapload of offers to do sponsored posts. And as much as I would LOVE to bring some money into this here operation, I’m just not interested in writing a sponsored post on a product that I’ve never seen or tried. Call me crazy.

I even got an email yesterday that said “We want you to write a sponsored post, but we definitely won’t be able to provide you with a sample to review. Is this a deal breaker?” Yes. Yes it is. Because what they are saying is that they’d like to BUY me. They want me to LIE to my readers and tell you how awesome their product is. Nope.

People want to send me FULL COLOR pictures of items for me to write about
That’s right… no black and white pictures for this girl, I can see a FULL COLOR picture of a purse or man’s suit to review. I am OBVIOUSLY now as cool as The Bloggess and maybe we can sit at the popular kids table together.

People want to send me hooker clothes
I was contacted recently by a company representative who said that they loved my fashion reviews and instagram posts. They were excited to be able to work with me and wanted to send me one of their dresses or a pair of boots to review, along with a $50 gift card for my readers.

Sounds pretty great, right? And then I clicked through to their website.

Sassy clothes and boots collage

Wait, they reached out to me because they like how I dress on my instagram account?! You guys would tell me if I dressed like a hoochie, right?


The funny thing is that I’m totally happy to work with legitimate companies that are interested in product reviews and sponsored posts. In fact, I have a couple awesome reviews and giveaways coming up soon. The problem is when the PR people don’t do their jobs… I mean how hard is it to actually read a couple posts on my blog to see what I’m all about?

Because as much as my husband might like it if I put on that little animal print dress… that’s not the kind of picture I’ll be sharing on my blog!

Did you realize how glamorous it really is to live the life of a blogger? Are you a blogger who has gotten some ridiculous offers? Please share them in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “People Want to Send me Hooker Clothes”

  1. Your blog is popular because you’re awesome! Those offers are pretty hilarious, though. Thanks for a Monday laugh 🙂

  2. I love getting notices from people who want to write my posts for me. Yeah right.

    And I felt super cool when James Rollins (he’s an author) followed me because it’s not like I was following him first.

    1. That IS super cool! And I’m totally confused about people wanting to write my posts. I mean, are there bloggers out there who are like “HECK YEAH, come write my blog for me!” ???

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