Awesome Gadget: Sweater Shaver

Every so often I come across something amazingly awesome that I want to share with the world. Or my blog readers… which make up a very small percentage of the entire world and tend to be just ladies. But you know what I mean.

With the weather starting to finally cool down over the next month or so, many of us are going to unpack our sweaters and realize that they’ve magically become a lot worse looking than we remembered.

The dreaded sweater pilling, which happens when the sweater fibers break down and mat together. For me it is usually where I swing my arms (apparently I skip like a child when walking from place to place) or on skirts where my purse swings against the fabric.

A few years ago I finally ordered a sweater shaver off of and crossed my fingers that it would work and OH MY GOSH it is the best! You just turn it on, swipe it over the fabric a few times and all the pills are totally gone leaving you with a brand-new looking item of clothing. I started using mine in 2012 (according to Amazon) and have saved so many sweaters from the donation pile.

Here is the exact one I have:

Sweater shaver

I just realized that mine is called the Fuzz Wizard, which I didn’t actually know until I pulled out the box to find it online for you guys. And now that I KNOW it’s called Fuzz Wizard I feel like I need to preface any sweater shaving I have to do with, “Well, guess I’d better go be the Wizard of FUZZ now” or reply to my husband when he asks for something with “Do you realize who you are talking too? I’m the FUZZ WIZARD!”

This one is only $11.50 and has over 17,000 really great reviews, or this one by Conair has over 29,000(!!) reviews and is currently $11.99.  So if you’re shopping for one I’d try one of these even though they doesn’t have a super cool name like Fuzz Wizard.

Do you use a sweater shaver? Do you agree that it’s one of the best inventions ever?

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4 thoughts on “Awesome Gadget: Sweater Shaver”

  1. Sweater shavers are the BEST! I don’t know how I lived without mine, and this post couldn’t have come at a better time because mine is getting old and tired lol and I’m in the market for a new one, so thanks for the recommendations!

  2. when i think of piling sweaters, i think of you because you’re the first person to mention sweater shavers exist. time to buy one!

  3. If you didn’t review this, I would have thought it was fake (because of the name) and didn’t work (because, well, it doesn’t seem like it would). Good to know! Thank you 🙂

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