Awkward Prepubescent Valentine’s Day Memories

We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day in my house and I’m totally cool with that. Typically, my husband will bring home some grocery store flowers and a little candy for us all to share, and that is more than fine by me. I’ve told him before not to waste money on the fancy expensive stuff, including craploads of roses and dinner plans on the big V day. If I want something fancy, I’d prefer to buy it for myself… (in fact, a Rothy’s order is making its way to me right now!).

My best Valentine’s Day was 7 years ago, when I was in the hospital trying to push Jack out of my hooha. Which I do realize isn’t that relaxing of an experience… a massage would have been much nicer. But it certainly was the best gift I’ve ever received.


Anywhoo. It is WAY more fun to talk about those awkward Valentine’s Day experiences from when I was a teenager.

Back in high school. I had a HUGE crush on this boy. I crushed on him for YEARS. Every time he’d sigh in my direction or cut his hair… I would swoon all about it. We were in some of the same activities/classes together, so I would occasionally work up the nerve to speak to him. And then spend the next 4 days dissecting every weird thing I said out loud.

I don’t know if they did this in your school, but for Valentine’s Day at my high school you could buy a carnation to be delivered to someone with a little note.

It was a great chance for awkward students to profess their lust for each other. It cost like $1 and BOOM you’re suddenly someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend.

All day long, when a classroom door would open with a carnation delivery, everyone’s hearts would start pounding as we all anticipated it being a super special gift from a secret (or not so secret) admirer. It was the ULTIMATE status symbol. To receive a carnation. Or OHMYGOD multiple carnations on Valentine’s Day.

SUCH popularity! I could hardly imagine it!

Well, even though my memory totally sucks I remember sitting in class one Valentine’s Day. I was at peak dork, which means it was probably Freshman or Sophomore year when I had a terrible perm and crunchy hairsprayed bangs sticking straight outta my head.

I couldn’t decide which photo to go with in order to give you the TRUE look of what I was dealing with. So…I picked these two. The first one is from my freshman year homecoming and the second was FRESHLY permed wearing a new Christmas outfit. Sigh.

Back to that fateful Valentine’s Day: My crush was in my class with me, and when a carnation delivery student came to the door, I immediately imagined that they were coming to deliver one to me… FROM HIM. I know, it made no sense but I was heavily into rom-coms at that time, so I thought that was how real life would go for me.

Instead, the delivery person called out my crushes name.

OH! Maybe he had it delivered to him in class so that he could give it to me in person?! SQUEEEEEE

As my crush moves forward to take the carnation, my heart starts beating so hard and I’m getting a little shaky. IT. IS. HAPPENING.

No. It is not happening.

Instead, it was a carnation delivery for HIM. From another girl. Who (if my brain serves me right) later became his girlfriend.


Heart. Broken. I remember that stomach sinking feelings like it just happened yesterday.

Maybe that is why I hate carnations?

And perms.

So now it’s your turn! Please add your own embarrassing Valentine’s Day story in the comments! Bonus points for perms, retainers and hairspray!

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One thought on “Awkward Prepubescent Valentine’s Day Memories”

  1. Hi,
    I had a terrible perm with permed bangs! But, mine were worn at a professional job! I thought I looked great! You look adorable! I can’t see why you didn’t get the carnation! Now,my memory…

    I remember we all exchanged these small cards, and if you really were lucky, you received those heart shaped candies, that said “be mine” on them! How exciting that time was! One year, my best friend at the time had this great idea that we should write little letters to one boy each. It had to be someone you really liked, and we had to tell them we really liked them. I had a huge crush on a boy named,Chuck. She sent hers to a boy named, Bill. We couldn’t wait till Monday, when we would see if they said anything. It turned out, Bill had moved, and never got her note. Chuck got mine, but scowled at me, outside of spanish class. I tried to say something, but he just brushed past me. Not the response I was hoping for. He never said another word to me. Needless to say, I was happy to go back to getting small cards.
    Have a happy day!

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