Content Creaters: 3 of My New Favorites

We all spend too much time online. I know, I know. And I try very hard to keep my ‘pleasure’ online perusing to things that make me happy (as opposed to my more regimented ‘work’ or ‘blogging’ online perusing).  Yeah, the internet is a time suck. BUT if you are wandering around the internet, I have 3 Content Creaters to share with you. They aren’t necessarily NEW, but I just recently started following them in 2022 and want to spread the love.

On Instagram: Elyse Myers (IG name: elyse_myers)

Find her here:

I love Elyse. She is so real and down-to-earth and funny. She shares her stories, her struggles and her celebrations. Without a doubt when she pops up in my timeline, I’m going to click on what she has to say because she just makes the world a better place with every post.

On a Blog: Cup of Jo

Find it here:

Just a few recent posts that I’ve enjoyed:

When a new post from Cup of Jo pops up in my Feedly, I basically click through every time. My favorites are the Home Tour posts and the Beauty Uniforms. I can not come away from one of those post without being inspired for how to rearrange my own life.

On Instagram: Thalia (IG name: polychrom3)

Find her here:

Thalia is a fashion stylist and a self-proclaimed maximalist. I love her sunny personality, her confidence and all her fantastic maximalists looks. She has influenced me to start layering in a more interesting way and I hope that she continues to influence the way I style and re-style my wardrobe moving forward. The video I linked to above is 100% the reason I tracked down the exact same blue dress!

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