Do I need Hulu?

We cut the cord from cable a few years ago, so we had been living with just Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube on our television. Last year, Hulu ran a Black Friday sale where you could buy a year’s subscription for just $1 a month… so I went for it. I mean, a DOLLAR a month?! Come on, that’s way less than I spend on coffee!

And now it’s time to make the big decision before my Hulu subscription goes up to whatever the normal price will be…

Here’s the thing though. We’ve had hulu for 11 months and think *maybe* we’ve used it 3 times.


I wanted to use it to watch all the Veronica Mars sessions on my Kindle while working out, but apparently my Kindle is too old to stream Hulu at all.

So yeah, we haven’t used it.

BUT, before I made the decision and just cancel our subscription… I want to know; do you use Hulu? What do you watch on Hulu? Do I need Hulu? If so… convince me!

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9 thoughts on “Do I need Hulu?”

  1. We don’t have it, but have been considering it to go along with Netflix and Prime and get rid of cable. I’ll be watching the replies closely! I’m tempted because the adaptation of John Green’s Looking for Alaska is only going to be on Hulu 🙁 Live sports is what has held us back from cutting the cord – my husband needs his NFL and my son and I need our NHL!

    1. I thought I needed Hulu to watch The Good Place and Crazy Ex Girlfriend, but I found them on the channel’s website for free. So maybe check there? We have NO interest in live sports… so we are all good there! haha

  2. We don’t have Hulu , but maybe if you tried Roku with Hulu, it would help with streaming. You might like a tablet. We have an Amazon Fire, and can stream our Prime movies on that. We are trying to stream Prime on tv, but having trouble. We are still getting Netflix in the mail! We don’t watch many movies, it takes us so long to watch one. So, we don’t have streaming, yet. I would like to know which of these services can we get NHL on? We have trouble with cable.
    Good luck with Hulu. Can you try it for a year, at the new rate?

    1. Hi Nancy – we have tried Hulu for a year at the $1/month rate and haven’t used it at all. That’s why I’m thinking we will cancel unless I’m convinced otherwise! =) I have the Amazon Fire tablet, but it has an older operating system, so it works fine with Netflix but I can’t stream Hulu on it. I also get Netflix DVD’s in the mail because I’m a writer for DVD Nation!

  3. We also went for the $1 rate, but we use it a ton so we got rid of a different unrelated subscription that we don’t enjoy as much to justify adding yet another streaming service. I think that if you aren’t hooked, then maybe you should keep it that way and just cancel. We have been rewatching Veronica Mars so that we can finally watch the new season available on Hulu since it has been several years since we first watched. We also watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and Superstore.

  4. I love Hulu.
    We use it to watch our major network shows like this is us, the good place, and superstore in somewhat real time. The are available to stream the day after they air.
    I also think their orginal content is quite good. Handmaid’s tale is amazing. Ramy was a a great comedy from a different perspective..coming of age comedy as a muslim in america. You should also watch Pen15 which (is a little weird at first) but is amazing about being a teenager in the late 90s and the start of the internet and all that. shrill is a great comedy as well written from a plus size young woman.
    I would explore their hulu offerings before cutting the cord.

    In general I love looking at the original content on hulu and netflix because they are producing things that are not as ‘mainstream’. So they tell more and different stories and take more risks.

    1. I was planning to use it to watch shows like The Good Place, but then I found that I can just click on the station website and watch it there for free. Now that show is my standing Friday lunch TV plans! =) I’ll have to check out your other recommendations!

  5. I like it for the baking shows. We used it quite a bit for a few months, then not at all and hope I’m watching a few more. Overall, I can live without it, bit would keep it for $1/month.

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