Dressing Room Snaps: Anthropologie

It’s dressing room snaps time again! I had a chance to stop by Anthropologie and check out all their newest stuff… so I took some photos to share with you all.

Gabriela Ruffled Maxi Dress (find it here)

Size worn: Large

Price: $160

I saw this dress in the window and knew I would love it. The pretty pattern, super soft jersey fabric and tie waist area all some of my favorite things. This one also has a runched bodice and crisscross straps in the back. All in all, it’s lovely. But, it’s full price at $160 and not currently on sale… so this one went back. For now.

Tania Tiered Tunic Dress (find it here)

Size worn: Large

Price: $130

I actually really like this fun tunic dress with the ruffled flouncy hem. It seems a bit more fall to me though with the colors. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the length is nice. This is one of those dresses that I’d scoop up if it were on the clearance racks at the end of the year to pair with tights and a sweater in October.

Catherine Shirt Dress (find it here)

Size Worn: 12

Price: $150

I love the cute beach umbrella fabric of this button-up shirt dress (click through on the link for a close-up of the print). This fits very similar to another Anthropologie dress I own, which means that it is better if you go a size up. In this size, I feel like it’s a little snug on the hips so a smidge more space would make it more comfortable. This dress would be perfect for Independence Day plans – you know, once it goes on sale!

Wrapped Gingham Skirt (find it here)

Size worn: 14

Price: $120, marked down to $69.96

They didn’t have a 10 or 12 in the store, so I grabbed a 14 to try. I liked the black and white gingham fabric, but the ruffles just add too much bulk. It does have pockets though! I feel like this one fit more true to size, so a 10 or 12 might have been a little more flattering on me.

Cloth & Stone Burlingame Romper (find it here)

Size worn: Large

Price: $140, marked down to $69.95

I’m not really a romper person because I like clothes that I can actually easily use the restroom while wearing. I tried this one on though because the wrap front looks like a lot of dresses I wear and the Cloth & Stone tensel fabric is always so soft. It’s… okay. Maybe like a more fashionable prison lady?

Malaga Tiered Tunic (find it here)

Size Worn: Medium

Price: $78, marked down to $39.95 + an extra 25% off

Source: Anthropologie.com

This is the only item I ended up buying on my Anthropologie visit and I didn’t even get a photo of it on me. In my defense, I had worn a dress that day and didn’t want to take a Donald Duck pantsless photo to show this one off… Anywhoo, I liked the simple black tiered look of this cotton tank top. It will be great paired with jean shorts now, or topped with a cardigan and necklace in the fall.

Do you enjoy these impromptu Dressing Room try-on posts? Do you have a favorite look?

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