DVD Netflix: Celebrating 20 Years!

Did you all know that I do a little blog moonlighting over at DVD Netflix? I totally geek out over movies on a regular basis, so I enjoy having the opportunity to blog about it over on the DVD Netflix blog.

Check out my latest post on My 6 Favorite Movie Musicals… Wolverine singing and dancing? Grrr baby!

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As part of the DVD Netflix 20th’s Anniversary celebration, they have put together some really cool mini-movies of their own, showing how Netflix got started. I think they are super cool, so I included them all here for your viewing enjoyment!

Part One: The Early Days

Part Two: The Iconic Red Envelope

Part Three: Delivered to your Door

Part Four: Return to Sender

Part Five: Content is King

Part Six: At Your Service

You can find more fun anniversary-themed stuff at DVD.com/20years

Are you a Wolverine singing and dancing kinda girl/guy?


Disclaimer: I am a DVD Nation Director, which means I earn points for various activities, such as writing and sharing blog posts. #DVDNation #ad

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