Every Woman Needs to Hear This

My friend just posted something on Facebook that blew me away. It rocked my world. It made me want to cry and it also made me want to smack myself.

Please take 11 minutes and watch this video.

You ARE beautiful. We all are.

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3 thoughts on “Every Woman Needs to Hear This”

  1. I shared this on Facebook. Parts of this brought tears to my eyes and really got me in the heart/gut. Man. The body image struggle is so real and I just don’t know how to stop it for all women because I don’t fully know how to stop it for myself. I think the idea that it’s just a part of life is BULLoney and that self-acceptance is something really worth working towards.

    1. You know what’s funny, in 1999 I did my senior thesis on body image with the hopes that when you get older you grow out of body insecurities…

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