My Flawed but Authentic Portrait Session

One of the things I mentioned in my All about BlogHer post was that I was able to visit the Flawed but Authentic suite. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I knew that they were planning to take photographs for an upcoming portrait book called Flawed but Authentic, Embracing Myself.

According to their website, “these photos will be less head shots and more creative soul-full images.” I was curious to try, because I am notorious for NOT liking any photo of me where I’m not beaming a huge, toothy smile. There is just something about my face that I think looks weird if I’m not smiling…

So, I signed up for a time and stopped by the suite.

There was an area set up for hand massages with doTerra’s oils, a beauty bar with jewelry to wear and makeup to apply, and a white backdrop for pictures. The photographer would hand an iPod to each subject to listen to as they were photographed.

While I was refreshing my makeup, I spied on the woman having her photo taken ahead of me – she immediately burst into tears upon listening to the audio.

Hmm… that’s a lot of pressure.
I’m not really a crier.

I mean, I cry but only for important things… like too much stress suddenly exploding out of my eyes, seeing my son get hurt, or a really engaging and sappy commercial. I was kind of nervous that I wouldn’t be able to ‘perform’ as they expected me to.

I mean, what if EVERYONE cried and I’m the hard-assed person who just stands there and grins at the camera?!

When it was my turn, I nervously walked up and inserted the iPod headphones into my ears. If you are interested in hearing for yourself, it was a mix of Amy Turn Sharp & Robin Plemmons (click on the links to hear).

The ones that I recall listening to are:

There is a reason that you’re here. Right now. Tonight, in this room. Go talk about it. Go tell everyone.

Think about the last time your toes curled. All the things that make you melt. Show me your soft side. Let your eyes tell the story of your heart.

It’s no mistake that you are here in this place with these people. Soak it all in. It will heal you.

The last one really resonated with me. Being at BlogHer with MY PEOPLE was something that really lit my fire.

No tears came, because I wasn’t unhappy.
Or watching a commercial with an adorable clumsy puppy.

The pictures turned out nice though. Even though I want to pick them apart (of course) I appreciate that they are just… me.

Flawed but Authentic - 1a

Flawed but Authentic - 2a

Flawed but Authentic - 3a

Thank you to Leah Peterson, Katie Gardner, Amy Turn Sharp, Robin Plemmons and everyone else who made the Flawed but Authentic suite something to remember. If you are interested in seeing all the photographs, check them out here.

Do you have a typical ‘pose’ that you do in all your pictures? Is there a certain feature that you’re totally fine with in person, but drives you nuts if caught at the wrong angle?

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4 thoughts on “My Flawed but Authentic Portrait Session”

  1. I had my pictures taken for Flawed But Authentic as well. I found it so hard to have them taken. I do like how they came out outside of “oh my, I am FRECKLED.”

  2. I always smile for pictures. I feel like I look unhappy when I’m not smiling. I can’t do the “sultry” pose or anything resembling that, so I default to a smile. I can’t help it mostly, because I’m a generally happy person. There are worse things 🙂 I like these real picturs of you 🙂

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