Freaky Friday: Driving me NUTS

Since it is Friday o’ fun I wanted to share with you a little ear-worm that has been living in my head. I know that there are only so many melodies in the world… but there is a new song out right now that is driving me batty.

Have you heard it yet?

Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart

Is there something about the song that reminds you of 2009?

Like maybe… THIS?!?!

Maybe it’s just because I was a big fan of Rob Thomas and his sexy, sexy buzz cut and adorable tiny dancing man hips. But STILL!

Have you been listening to this song and trying to figure out what it reminds you of? Do you think Rob Thomas is a sassy, sexy little minx? Can someone super talented do a mashup of these songs, because I think that would be pretty awesome!

PS. Speaking of reminding me of other artists, the Lonely No More video totally reminds me of this one with the rooms tilting all over the place. Love me some Fergie.

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7 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Driving me NUTS”

  1. I woke up with the theme song for “Full House” in my head. So now all day, the line, “Everywhere you look,” is bopping in and out of my thoughts. Also, I have had the “If I Only Had A Brain” tune from Wizard of Oz stuck in my head for years. YEARS. I find myself whistling it all. the. time. I don’t know why. I hope it’s not a sign that I need a brain!

    PS. I already follow you everywhere. #stalkerstatus

  2. Joules, I heard that Rixton song in the car with 16 the other day and was humming it, saying ‘this sounds like something I’ve heard before. God what song does this remind me of’ and it hit me. I started singing Lonely No More and it was almost an exact match. Thank goodness it’s not just me that sees the similarities.

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