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When I first heard that I’d be going to Austin, Texas for a work conference, I immediately thought of the movie Road Trip. The whole movie kind of gets started with a plot point confusing Austin with Boston. Of course, my absolute FAVORITE part of the movie is this:

Oh my gosh I CAN’T even contain myself when it comes to dorky dancing!

I most likely will not be breaking out my nerdy dance movies at this work conference (it’s no BlogHer) but I WILL be finally visiting Texas for the first time!

I have some free time on Sunday when I arrive, and then some more time to poke around Austin each evening after the conference sessions end. My main goals are to eat some yummy Texas food and do a little shopping while I’m there — I’d love to snag a cute pair of boots and maybe some vintage t-shirts too.

I asked for some suggestions on my Facebook page and here’s what I’ve added to my list so far:

  • See a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater.
  • Go shopping at the 2nd District Shopping area. Also hit some vintage shopping stores like: Feathers, New Bohemia, Savers, Roadhouse Rags and Top Drawer.
  • Suggested restaurants: Threadgills, Matt’s El Rancho, Dirty Marti’s, El Aryo, Torchy’s Tacos, and the Trailer food park on 1st.
  • Go see some live music.

My hotel is right next to the convention center, so I’ll either be walking to each destination or grabbing a cab to get there and back.

So now I ask for your help – if you’ve been to Austin do you have any “can’t miss” things I should add to my list? Is there a shop that you LOVE or a restaurant that has the best something-or-other you’ve ever had? Do I have any readers in the area that would like to meet up?



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6 thoughts on “Going to Austin”

  1. I love Austin! My favorite thing about it is that there is music everywhere — live music in coffee shops in the morning, live music on the street — it reminds you of how wonderful live music really is!!!! The only suggestions I have are for things to do with kids — so I won’t suggest them because you get to fly solo! Have fun!

  2. I tried to resist watching that at work and couldn’t – love that part!

    Looks like you’ve got some good recommendations. I’m a little over an hour away or I’d love to come meet up.

    1. Glad to have entertained you… now I need to go do some nerdy dancing! Awww and thanks. I wish I could meet each and every one of my lovely blog readers!

  3. South Congress and Sixth Street are great for walking and perusing and eating and people watching! If you’re in the mood for a great book, hit up BookPeople!

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