Halloween at Work: Villains

I honestly don’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween at work.

Maybe never?

Well at my current job, apparently they do Halloween. And by *do* Halloween, I mean they have a Halloween-themed movie playing in one of the conference rooms at lunchtime AND they pick a costume theme for the year.

The theme for this year is… villains.

I thought it would be fun to participate, so I racked my brain for a good villain. Preferably something I could do with normal clothes and maybe a couple accessories.

And I came up with:

  • A black top and skirt
  • Red shoes
  • Fuzzy jacket (off Poshmark for $18)
  • A wig (off Amazon, also $18)

Cruella de Vil!

Source: www.style.disney.com

I mean, come on… the girl loves a little black dress with a pop of color. Sure, she has an unfortunate obsession with harming puppies… but I do try to nibble on Ollie every so often!

Here’s my take:

Did somebody say PUPPIES?!

And here I am at work today… chillin’ like a villain:

The wig is just okay, but the rest of the outfit is simply fabulous baby!

Happy Halloween!

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