I Earned my Master’s Degree!

I feel like I just recently wrote the post telling you all about how I decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree (read it here). I also feel like that was ages ago. It’s interesting how fast and slow life goes by sometimes.

I tried not to write much about my Master’s program because honestly it’s pretty boring to hear someone complain about juggling schoolwork and regular work. We all know it’s hard. You chose to do it. Quit your bitching!

But now… 24 months later, I’m DONE!

Sweet card from my thoughtful sister! Thanks Katie!


So forgive me for bragging a bit. This seems like the perfect time to give my own horn a little tooting. Also, maybe I might just convince you that even though it is a crapload of work, it is possible to do it while working, wife-ing and mom-ing!

The program I did was an online M.S. through UMUC. I did the Masters in Management with a focus on Marketing, which is a 36-credit year-round program. It took me 24 months to complete, which means that I took two 3-credit classes each Fall, Spring and Summer for 12 week semesters. I also took two 0-credit courses on top of a couple of my classes (an intro to Graduate studies and a preparing for Finance course)

For funsies, I added up the work I did for my Master’s:

  • I completed 4 group semester-long projects (which I basically hated).
  • I wrote 48 papers ranging from 10 – 34 pages each.
  • I posted 106 discussion questions (mini essays with citations) and then commented on over 320 separate classmate discussions.
  • I took a total of 25 finance/statistics quizzes and tests.

It was hard. And super time consuming. Especially on top of working my full-time job, running this blog, and being a wife and mom.

But I DID it.
And not only did I do it… I did it with a 3.92 GPA!

So. Toot Toot.

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