I Saw it On Pinterest: The Braided Bun

How many times have you found something on Pinterest and you thought it was the answer to all your problems. Well, maybe not ALL your problems… but certainly the problem of what to do with your hair when you wake up with a big ponytail crease in it and no desire to shower.

I pinned the instructions for a braided hair bun ages ago and finally got the chance to try it out. You can click here to check out the instructions that I used to try to recreate The Beauty Department’s Braided bun look.

Looks relatively easy, right? So lets try…

Here is what my hair looked like when I woke up this morning:

Pinterest hair - before

Normally I’d put it back up in a ponytail holder or wind it up and stick it in a boring bun, instead I went straight to Step 1… dividing my hair into 5 sections and braiding the bottom 3:

Pinterest hair - step 1

Even though I tried to “gently pull the braids apart for a looser, softer texture” nothing really changed when I tugged on them. Apparently the hair model has some amazingly thick hair, when mine is just kind of normal.

I criss-crossed my little braids and pinned them into place in a haphazard bun. Then, I followed the directions to make two more braids up top:

Pinterest hair - step 2

A couple more bobby pins secured them to my head:

Pinterest hair - step 3

And here is the finished product. I added a pretty hairband to distract you from the fact that my hair is a mess of crappy sad and thin braids:

Pinterest hair - after

While I wouldn’t call this a full-on Pinterest Fail… it’s pretty lame looking. I think if I had a head of insanely thick hair it would look amazing, but on my mortal head it doesn’t really look very impressive.

What do you think? Any tips on how to make this look more like the example? Have you tried something off of Pinterest that didn’t end up like you thought it would?

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12 thoughts on “I Saw it On Pinterest: The Braided Bun”

  1. I’ve only had long hair for a few stretches of my life, and I can’t even imagine trying to braid it and arrange it in a pleasing way. I mean, you can’t see back there! You did GREAT!

  2. I found your site through stalking stitch fix bloggers, but had to read this post. I feel like I’m constantly pinterest failing, especially with hair! Anytime it requires just bobby pins to hold in place, I just delete. This one does look cute at least!

    1. Lol, I totally stalk stitch fix blogger posts too. I see so many amazing hair braids on pinterest and I was really hoping to be able to pull this one off!

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