I’m not Here. I’m Somewhere Else.

A couple weeks ago, I asked a question over on my Facebook page:

FB post

To be honest, blogging three times a week has been starting to wear on me. However, I think I’ve been brainwashed to think that if I DON’T blog my normal schedule then all my lovely readers are going to leave me.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised that you all told me to take a little break.

So, I’m doing something unheard of for me… I’m taking a week off from Pocketful of Joules. A WHOLE week.

In fact, I’m already gone by time you’re reading this.

You’ll probably still see me on Facebook occasionally and I’m sure there will be lots of beachy pictures on my Instagram feed… but I won’t be back here until June 1st.

Instead, I’ll be doing this:

beach 2

And this:

beach 3

And probably this:

beach 1

Please don’t leave me!

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4 thoughts on “I’m not Here. I’m Somewhere Else.”

  1. I was a 5 days a week girl for a long time. And then I switched to 3-5. Now I’m 2-3 (with the occasional 4 posts per week). You have to do what’s best for you. Have fun on your trip!

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