In Heavy Rotation: Casual Favorites

I’ve decided to make In Heavy Rotation a reoccurring thing here on the blog. You can find my fall post here: In Heavy Rotation: Current Casual Favorites. As I previously mentioned, my weekend outfits tend to be less remixing and more re-wearing. I typically have a favorite look that I grab time and time again and wear the items on repeat until I get sick of them and move on.

Here’s my current favorite:

I apologize for the crappy photo. I didn’t realize it wasn’t super crisp and clear until I was working on this post and I’m too lazy to change out of sweatpants to take a new photo when the sunroom is 20 degrees today…

The Flannel

In the past, I’ve had issues with every flannel shirt I’ve tried. The buttons would pull at the bust or it would be super boxy and I’d look like a lumberjack. You guys, I’m obsessed with this flannel shirt. I bought it secondhand for $10 and its Chaps brand. It’s a couple sizes up from what I typically wear, super thin, very soft AND a rainbow of colors!

The Jeans

I thrifted these Chico’s boyfriend jeans a few years ago and LOVE them so much. They’re the perfect amount of fitted in the waist and thighs, but more of a straight leg once you hit the knees. With that being said, these are totally an anomaly. They are my ‘wrong’ size according to Chico’s and when I ordered a pair of their current boyfriend jeans, they fit totally different. So, I’ll just have to love this pair for as long as they last. I like them with a little cuff at the ankle and I’ve been wearing them super often.

The Boots

I’ve shared my Taos Crave combat boots before – I bought them secondhand for $65 (retail price $220) – and I’ve been wearing them pretty much daily since I made that purchase. I have a black pair and a burgundy/eggplant colored pair (that I also bought secondhand) and they are both in heavy rotation. They are a perfect combo of hearty for cold weather and stylish enough to go with everything from jeans to skirts. I even wore them to work with a pair of black tights last week (proof here).

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One thought on “In Heavy Rotation: Casual Favorites”

  1. That is a great look for you! So darn cute! Lookin good! That Pelaton must be kicking in! I need boots like this. I used to have a pair I wore every day, then my doggy chewed part of the boot near the toe! I have not found a pair I like as well. Maybe I will look into this brand.
    Thanks, have a good day.

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