Jack is 12!

Each year, I do a Jack birthday post on his birthday. And each year, I include a photo of my rapidly growing boy and I can’t believe how time flies.

This year feels extra big – not only did he start middle school in the fall, he is very much a pre-teen. In fact, next year he will be a full-on teenager… so this is my last year of pre-teen-ish-ness.

While he keeps getting taller every time he sleeps, he’s still my same old little boy too. He’s so smart and caring and hilarious. He can spend hours building something amazing with Legos, or K’Nex or just some random sticks and rocks and a rubber band. He loves video games and chicken wings (especially dry with Old Bay) and family adventures.

In fact, for his 12th birthday, he asked if I could take him back to NYC for an overnight adventure. So, that’s exactly what we will be doing this weekend.

Happiest of birthdays to my Jack!

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