Jack’s First Day of 5th Grade

It’s official, we have a 5th grader in the house! And to make it even more bittersweet, this is our last ‘First Day’ at Jack’s elementary school as he will be starting middle-school next year.

It’s our last year of familiarity of knowing where all the classrooms are and which before/after school counselors are our favorites. It’s our last year of having our school just a quick 6-minute drive from the house, so I can easily pop by for field days and meet-the-teacher events.

So yes, it’s bittersweet. But we do have one last year to enjoy at the elementary school. One special year where Jack is in the highest grade at the school. Because what kindergartner doesn’t look up to the 5th graders like they are gigantic and cool?!

And we have one other change this year – a couple weeks ago Jack got braces. So now he really does look like a pre-teen!

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