Joules the Grouch

Do you ever have those days where you look around at your life and you wonder what the hell you’re doing?

That’s me today.

Reason #1: I’m hormonal. So I’m feeling pretty darn fat right now on top of super emotional. I literally cried while watching Bones last night more than three times. Yes, it was a very sad episode, but still… not cool.

Reason #2: It took me three hours to get into work this morning. Yes, that’s what I said THREE hours. It typically takes me between 1 – 1 ½ hours and it took THREE HOURS. So obviously my day didn’t start so well. But I had my coffee with me, so I was dealing with it.

Reason #3: I remembered this morning that I’m moving offices on Friday. Now, be warned – I’m getting a little whiny now with my pity party. I’m moving from my individual office into a shared office with a co-worker. I’m trying to make the best of it, but truthfully I HATE it. My co-worker is totally fine and nice and all that. It’s just that I like my privacy and listening to my music throughout the day. I also like being able to shut my door at lunchtime and make personal calls when needed. Having someone else in the office with me honestly stresses me out. Oh yeah, and have we covered the fact that I hate change?

Reason #4: I’m feeling really out-of-touch with my friends. I knew that as a working mom I wouldn’t have a ton of free time. But it feels like whenever I do have some time that I could hang out with friends, they’re nowhere to be found. I’ve sent around some emails to make some plans for the next month or so, but I’m still feeling a bit abandoned. Ok, a lot abandoned.

So yes, I’m grumpy. Really grumpy. And whiny. A bit self-indulgent.

I’m hoping it all passes when the hormones go back to normal, but I’m not so sure it will. It feels like some more change is in order.

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6 thoughts on “Joules the Grouch”

  1. Joules, if I had to switch to sharing an office, I’d be upset too. It’s hard to change when you’re used to your privacy! I’ve had an idea percolating and you’ve decided it for me.

    1. Oooh, please share — what is your smart brain thinking up? Have you decided to move to Maryland and hang out with me so we can drink wine and watch Gilmore Girls?! =)

      1. Actually, I was thinking you should move to the middle of Illinois and hang out with me all the time. It’s okay. Once we can apparate moving won’t be necessary. You will just have to be surprised.

  2. That is so strange…
    1. Yeah traffic here is awful…i’m so sorry hun!
    2. I was just talking about this with April from @1sttimemomndad through DM….my friend just had a baby…I wanted to give her space but I really missed spending time with her. I didn’t know what her new schedule was like anymore.
    3. You’re award winning!
    4. You always have us or I’m here if you need me too! Don’t feel abandoned cuz you’re not and I totally agree with the “me time” everyone needs a certain amont of “me time” …sometimes I think I have too much I don’t even know how to socialize in person anymore *sigh* lol xoxo

    1. Thanks chewy! One recommendation for your friend who just had a baby — tell her that you miss her and offer to come and see her at her house (with the baby). Bring over something to eat, so that she doesn’t have to deal with cooking that day (even if it’s just pizza). Tell her she looks great. Tell her that her baby is incredibly cute (even if he/she isn’t). And most of all, tell her that you know that she might have as much time for you now, but you will always be there for her. Believe me, it will be exactly what she needs. =)

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