Love Today Friday: Bring on the Dance Party

Okay friends, today I have negative amounts of energy. Baby Jack has been sick since Tuesday with a fun combo of nasty cold and croup. So in addition to being a bit, um let’s go ahead and say clingy, he’s also been a snot factory. And everyone knows that mommy is the best place to deposit your snotty spoils. I posted a status update yesterday that Jack collected a handful of snotty goodness and wiped it on my cheek. In the last 60 hours I’ve also been sneezed on, coughed on and slept* on. So basically I should enjoy every breath I take today because I’ll soon be sick myself.

To get my sleepy self out of bed and into work, I need pretty much the best dance party mix ever invented.  And a super-sized cup of Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot (or 3).

So whether you’re fighting off the sleepiness, a cold or just ready to bring on this darn weekend already, strap on your dancing shoes and bop along to today’s dance party mix with me!

Here are my 10 songs to help you have a happy Friday:


BTW, I totally rock the crap out of that Fergie part in my car. Just saying.

Did I miss anything that gets you up and wiggling around like a spazzy chicken? Or are you totally rocking out to my dance party list and nodding your head along like a cool kid?

Have a Happy Friday!



* Oh and apparently I slept all weird (which doesn’t surprise me at all since I had a squirmy baby trying to crawl back inside me by way of my neck) so I can’t turn my head left to look over my shoulder. If you’re driving in Baltimore today and see a silver SUV, you *may* want to get out of the way before I attempt to change lanes.

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