My 11 Steps for Restarting an Exercise Program

1. Eat too much and gain a few pounds — just enough to make my muffin top demand my attention. Ignore this for a while.

2. Find myself wanting to run or exercise. Shove that thought down with a donut.

3. Decide that I’m going to start working out again. Grab my calendar to find some free time. Realize that I have NO free time and freak out (possibly with a donut).

4. Gain 1 more pound. Get angry at myself and decide that I will start on Saturday.

5. On Saturday, put on my workout clothes and then get distracted by the dust on my nightstand. Clean nightstand.

6. Workout once and post a picture on Facebook. And Instagram.

7. Get busy for 2 weeks.

8. Work out 2 days in a row and strut around the house like a sexy beast.

9. Exercise on and off for a month and watch my muffin top shrink. Strut around some more.

10. Get busy for 6 months and gain 5 pounds.

11. Rinse and repeat.

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15 thoughts on “My 11 Steps for Restarting an Exercise Program”

    1. RIGHT?! Or my husband who decides to ‘cut back’ by getting rid of ONE bad thing in his diet and immediately loses 10 pounds.

      1. OMG YES! How can they do that! Ohh i’ll just cut out one Pepsi and drop 10 pounds. What?!

        You also forgot the many hours of internet searches for fast weight loss gimmicks.

    1. And staring at yourself in the mirror, thinking, “God. How am I paying for Weight Watchers? I’ve lost 3 pounds in 3 times as many months. Maybe I should work out. And count points more than once per week.”

  1. You need to download Zombies, Run! On the iphone the app is about $4 (which is expensive for an app) But it is totally worth it! I’ve ran 3 times this week and I keep wanting to run because I want to complete the missions and run from zombies. I’m not even into the whole zombie culture, but the app is very motivating!

    1. I actually despise zombies and the whole zombie-culture thing happening right now, so I don’t think that this program would work for me. Maybe if there was one where I could run towards hot guys? I’d chase down David Beckham any day!

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