My $13 Slipper Refresh

I don’t know about you, but an integral part of my telework style is slippers. Even in the middle of the summer, I’m rocking my LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. In normal times, I’ll add the slippers to my Christmas list every other year for a replacement, but this year has been extra hard on my pair.

After just a year of daily wear, the fluffy wool lining on my moccasins was getting threadbare. The rest of the slippers still looked fantastic, but the insides were no longer “wicked good.”

I suddenly remembered that I had purchased an extra pair of boot insoles and threw them in my Shoe Care box (it’s a random box of various insoles, shoe stretchers, and black shoe polish that lives in my closet for shoe emergencies). And OH MY GOSH, I totally have to thank Past Joules for having Future Joules’ back… because I plopped the insoles in my slippers and they are HEAVEN!

These are the exact insoles I used: ABUSA Sheepskin Insoles, Men’s & Women’s. I usually wear a size 8.5 or 9 in shoes, so I purchased the Women US 9 size and they fit perfectly in my size 9 slippers. I didn’t bother removing the existing insole/bottom of the slipper and just shoved them on top of what was already there. The wool is very thick and fluffy and they basically made my slippers feel brand new.

In fact, I love them so much I just ordered a couple extra pairs. I figure I’ll add a pair to my most worn winter boots, and also throw a pair in my Shoe Care box for Future Joules to enjoy! I might even order a couple more to use for stocking stuffers this year, because who doesn’t love warm and comfy feet?

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2 thoughts on “My $13 Slipper Refresh”

  1. Did they abusa the sheep to get them? The name of the brand is Abusa, for anyone who skipped that part. I’m sorry, couldn’t help myself. They look great! Don’t you love when past you takes care of future you?So satisfying.

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