My Absolute Favorite Joggers

Outdoor yoga with a ‘goddess crown’ on my head… as you do. Also, that’s a mask in my hand (taken off for the photo).

Having lived in athleisure clothing for the past SEVEN(!?) months, I feel like I’m forever looking for the perfect mix of comfortable, but not totally schlumpy. You know, comfy but still a little cute? I’m not a huge legging person (except when I’m exercising), but I even broke down a started wearing leggings… which I don’t totally love because there is a bit too much compression happening.

What I needed was the PERFECT pair of joggers.

I had a few that got close. I have a pair from Soma that I picked on sale like a year ago. They were super thin and soft… but made my butt look really weird. It’s like a mix of flat and dumpy with a permanent wedgie.

I had another pair that I picked up from TJ Maxx and they fit great everywhere, except the waist. Around the waistband they had a super THICK and TIGHT elastic. Nobody wants muffin-top in their joggers! I actually went in and cut the elastic out of the pants, which helped a lot. Now I just use the drawstring to keep them up. It’s an improvement… but not perfect.

But then, I stumbled upon a pair of absolutely adorable joggers from Athleta: the Salutation Joggers:

They come in sizes XXS to XL and in lengths for regular, tall and petite. They also come in plus sizes 1x, 2x, and 3x. The joggers are available in a camo pattern, black, navy, olive and brown. LOTS of choices (but the camo is my favorite)!

I stuck with my typical size large regular and they fit perfectly. They are incredibly soft and stretchy, but they are thick enough and loose enough that they are so much more comfortable than leggings. They have pockets that you can actually put a phone in and cuffs at the ankle. The best part is that they have a super stretchy and comfortable waistband. You can pull it up over your tummy like maternity pants, keep them below your belly button, or even fold them for that folded yoga pant-type of look.

I like them so much, I’ve actually worn them in public and didn’t feel weird at all. They are super flattering and frankly, they make my butt look great too. Because that’s kind of an important thing about joggers!

I love these pants so much that I started hunting for a second pair. If I HAD to, I would have bought another pair at full price (they are THAT good), but finding a new-with-tags dark blue pair on Poshmark for $60 pretty much made my day.

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