My Anthropologie ‘Sale on Sale’ Steals

Over the weekend I had an appointment at the Apple store to get my battery replaced and was shocked to find out that it would take TWO HOURS, even with an appointment. They took my phone and threw me out into the mall to waste two whole hours… so I decided to hit up the Anthropologie sale. And by sale, I mean ‘sale on sale’ because everything on sale was an additional 40% off.

Of course, I didn’t have my phone… so I couldn’t do any dressing room snaps for you all. But I did try on a few new items, so I could give a little feedback.

They’ve been advertising these two skirts pretty hard lately. I’ve seen them on various Instragram personalities, as well as on display at the stores. Before I started crushing on them too much, I figured I’d try them on and then if I loved them and then wait for a good sale.

Willem Skirt, $128.00
Find it here


I thought I’d love this skirt and I’m glad I tried it on… because I totally don’t. The fabric is super heavy and you have to do it up by the squeaky tight-fitting front buttons. I’m typically a 10 or 12 in skirt and the 12 fit a little snug. It was super unflattering in the belly area and the length was really frumpy too.  All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this one for those of us larger than a 4/6.

Luria Striped Skirt, $118
Find it here


This one looked absolutely adorable on the store model, so I grabbed it to try. They only had an XS and XL, so I tried the XL. This looked TERRIBLE on me. Sure, it was a size too big, but even if I cinched it up it was still awful. The cotton fabric was thin and droopy and to be honest it looked like something I’d find at the thrift store from the 1980’s. This one is a nope.

I checked online and both of these skirts have great reviews, so maybe it’s just me that looks terrible in them…

I did have some great luck in the sale room!

Hemant & Nandita Lazuli Dress
Find it here


There was only one of these dresses in sale room and it was a 10P, so I kept my expectations low. However, once I put it on, I LOVED this dress. The original price tag was $228 and it was marked down to $129.95… so at 40% off it would still be $78. While I didn’t really NEED this dress, it would be great for various upcoming wedding celebrations and even appropriate for work with a cute cardigan. When I went to the cashier to buy it, apparently it was supposed to have an updated sale tag of $69.95 before the ‘sale on sale’… so it came out to just $41.97! I’m so glad I didn’t put it back because this was such a steal!

It finally warmed up enough outside to do one of my old-school front porch pics, so here it is on me:

I’m certainly a bit curvier than the Anthro model, but I think it’s pretty darn cute!

Foxiedox Autumnal Slip Dress
Find it here


I’ve actually come across this dress in the sale room a couple times over the past few months, but never bothered to try it on. I’m glad I gave it a try this time though, because the large fits me really well. The original price of this one was $168 and after all the markdowns and the sale, it ended up being just $29.97! This is a heavier fabric, so it will look good with booties and a sweater in the fall/winter/now, but also will be great for warmer weather with sandals.

Here it is on me:

And here it is with a thrifted cardigan topper:

Looking at the photos, I’m wondering if I should shorten it a bit. Do you think I should hem it knee-length?

Original price total: $396
My ‘sale on sale’ total: $71.94

I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of both these dresses, so I’m glad that Apple *forced* me to go shopping!


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5 thoughts on “My Anthropologie ‘Sale on Sale’ Steals”

  1. I LOVE the first dress on you! Like WOW that is one of the nicest looks I have ever seen you in. Everything about it is SO flattering.

    Don’t hem the second dress. It looks good the way it is. I really like the addition of the sweater. It finishes it off perfectly.

  2. I love florals! You don’t seem to have too many. These dresses look awesome on you. What do you do for the bra situation?

    1. Thank you! Just a normal racer-back bra for the eyelet dress. The darker floral needs a strapless if I’m wearing it with no sweater, but I’ll probably be pairing it with a sweater most of the time.

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