My Fall 2023 Style Inspiration

Finally, FINALLY the 90 degree weather of last week broke and there are a bunch of high 70’s/low 80’s temperature days coming soon. Maryland is always a bit topsy-turvy in September and sometimes even October, so even if “fall” is coming… there will most likely be a few more summer days to be had. With that being said, I’m excited to rummage around in my closet to make some fall outfits!

Some things that are inspiring me right now:


I love the simple, but classic look of this outfit and those straight legged jeans are pretty much perfect in my eyes! I know that this EXACT outfit wouldn’t work for me because I’m too much of a magpie for super simple, but this is kind of the ‘effortless’ look I like to imagine I can pull off. I also can’t wait to pull out my straight legged jeans and pair them with simple(er) tops and low booties for both work and weekends. This look plus some funky necklaces and bracelets with the sleeves rolled up is my jam!


When it comes to telework days, I’m all about luxe joggers and layering tops. I love the Salutation joggers from Athleta and I have three pairs that have been in heavy rotation for the past few years (black, navy and camouflage). I visited an Athleta store over the weekend and I’m now coveting the Coaster Luxe joggers. They are super incredibly soft and the fit is really cute too. I just need to wait until they go on sale before I snap a pair up for myself.

I love this exact outfit, but would throw on another layer for fall warmth. I will also be pairing my joggers with v-neck tees, graphic tees and oversized knit cardigans for a Zoom appropriate work-from-home look.


All. The. Patterned. Dresses. ALL OF THEM! I love a great patterned dress (and skirt) and I can’t wait to switch over to a more autumn palette and pair them with booties and boots, rather than sandals. This is just an example of the fit-and-flair style I prefer, but I’d add in some studded Frye boots or even lace-up combat boots to make this look a little more ‘me’.

Close, but not quite:

As I was looking through my style posts from 2021 and 2022, I found some ‘close, but not quite’ outfits that I want to try and recreate with a 2023 flavor.

Same shirt, same problem. I think both these outfits could be improved by not buttoning the shirt up so high. I like a lower neckline to balance out my bust, so I think by adding a tank top to the left outfit or showing the top of the dress for the right outfit would make my eyeballs much happier.

Looking back, I also don’t love the super contrast between the very light top and the very dark skirts on both these outfits. Also, the right outfit skirt is a bit too high on my waist and a couple inches lower would have been much better. To bring these into 2023, I’m thinking I’ll try darker and jewel-toned tops with my darker skirts.

And since I try not to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff, here are a few of my outfits from last year that I still love and can’t wait to re-wear with a few little tweaks here and there:

It’s always much more fun to ‘shop your own closet’ to save money and also ensure your looks look like YOUR looks!

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