My Not so Deep Thoughts

Here’s just a random sampling of what’s been in my head today:

The Cathog
First off, earlier this week I saw a cathog. Yes, that’s right it was like a groundhog and a cat had a baby and it was living on a Columbia exit ramp. It was cute and so wrong all at the same time.

Speaking of exit ramp groundhogs, have you noticed that groundhogs really love to live on exit ramps? Are exit ramps like ‘water front property’ for groundhogs? There are a couple ramps around my house that I can pretty much count on seeing a fat and happy groundhog hanging out every time I drive by.

It’s too Hot to Wear Clothes
Today it was 108 degrees outside according to my truck thermometer. I was running my errands in Under Armour clothes, to keep myself as cool as possible and I was still ready to melt. Apparently, I’m a big wimp though, because I saw about a dozen people wearing jeans today. These weren’t people in a work uniform of some type, they truly woke up today to get dressed and thought that jeans would be the best option to dress for the current heat wave. There was even a guy walking down the sidewalk in Columbia, just chillin’ in his jeans and black t-shirt. It made me hot just looking at him – and not in the oh la la kind of way.

Stupid Drivers
I could go on and on about stupid drivers, but I’m going to just limit this to just the stupidity I saw yesterday and today. Yesterday, on my drive home there was a guy driving with his foot out the window. Not the passenger… the driver. He had his right foot all the way out the window, WHILE DRIVING! Not only is this randomly flexible, but it can’t be safe to have your entire body leaned back to put your foot out the window while still driving a vehicle. He looked really stupid too.

My second bout with stupid drivers was when I stopped by the library earlier today. When I came out I realized that the driver next to me was obviously an idiot. They had pulled into their parking space so crooked, that 1/3 of their minivan was in my space. Yes, over the line into MY space blocking the back part of my truck. So obviously my reaction was to do that thing where you look at the stupidly parked vehicle with incredulous eyes, throw up your hands, stomp around a little and then glare at it some more.

Surprisingly that didn’t change anything, so I then cursed a little bit and considered ramming their vehicle with my FJ Cruiser (google it, it’s awesome). Had my husband bought the bumper wing covers that I asked for (with spikes, please), I would have gunned the motor and slammed their stupid minivan out of my way.

Unfortunately, my bumper wings are still naked and cost too much to replace for something this dumb (I just had to replace one a couple months ago when a partner at my firm accidentally ran into my truck). So, I decided to maneuver my truck up and over a curb so that I could get around their terrible parking job. They should be happy that the heat made me too tired to sit around and wait to yell at them when they came out.

I’m Out of Here
I’m totally procrastinating because I really need to start packing. My awesome friend Lea and I are going down to Ocean City, MD. My plans at the beach include smuggling white wine into Assateague and laying around soaking up rays while soaking up wine. I’m also hoping to meet up with another of my awesome friends while I’m down there and do some bootyshaking at Seacrets. My hubby is also going to come down for a few days, so I really should start throwing some stuff into a laundry basket to take down there…

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