My Style: June 2023

Summer has arrived in a haze of humidity and hot days. Which means I am basically counting down the days until I can shut off my laptop and drive out to Ocean City for a week. Since that is still a few steamy weeks away, let’s take a look back at my June outfits.

Work outfits

Both outfits are 100% secondhand with scores from Poshmark, the NPL Facebook group and my favorite thrift stores.

Left: I found the fabulous linen gingham top on Poshmark and liked it so much I bought it twice (fun Rit dying blog post coming up soon!). It’s cropped a bit higher, so I love it with high-waisted skirts… which is how I wore it to work earlier this month. The skirt is my secondhand 1950’s city skirt from NotPERFECT Linen and the cardigan was thrifted ages ago.

Right: Same combo of a top + cardigan + floaty skirt. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This time I paired a strappy tank top with a ‘vintage’ Anthropologie cardigan so you can’t see the little spaghetti straps. I tucked it into a NotPERFECT Linen Sion skirt, added a pair of wedge Birkenstocks and was good to go.

Casual Outfits

There’s not a ton of difference between my work outfits this month and my casual outfits… just some tattoo coverage by way of cardigans.

Lots of fun secondhand linen looks this month. I also brought out a few light and floaty dresses for weekend fun. That rainbow dress is absolutely amazing and gets a ton of compliments whenever I wear it. The only drawback was the sewn-in cotton slip under the skirt – it just kind of clung and made it feel a bit restricting. So, this month I grabbed a pair of sewing scissors, cut it out, and now the linen skirt is even more breezy and flowy!

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