My Style: May 2022

This month the weather has been swinging back and forth between the 60’s and the 90’s. However, even with fluctuating temperatures outside, the office is typically pretty chilly each day… so layers are the way to go.

Here are all my work looks for the month. With this layout, if you want to see any look closer just click on it and the photo will blow up larger for you:

My yellow cardigan made three appearances this month, but that’s mostly because I’m kind of half living out of my office closet while most of my clothes are blocked off due to construction stuff. It is very springy though and adds a fun pop of color!

Favorite Outfits of the Month

I have a few favorites outfits this month:

First up, is this combo of my crazy polka dotted skirt (it’s super trippy to look at, because the tulle overlay circles and the underskirt circles swish around) and embroidered cardigan. Both the pieces are from Anthropologie, by way of Poshmark. They are also both very “me” in style. I love this skirt so much and the fact that it has nice, deep pockets is a bonus.

I found this gorgeous linen skirt at TJ Maxx recently and it pretty much jumped into my cart. This is totally going to be on repeat all summer long paired with a graphic tee shirt or solid tank top. However, I figured I’d also style it for work with a straw belt, navy blouse and purple cardigan.

The morning I wore this outfit, I had a completely different top in mind. However, I had recently picked up this gauze button up blouse from Target and I liked the way the greens went together, so I figured I’d give it a try. Initially I had it tucked it, but the blouse fabric was so thick it was giving me an unflattering look underneath the top of the skirt. I love it tied in the front though!

Least Favorite Outfits of the Month

I also had a couple ‘nope’ outfits this month, where at the end of the day items made it into my donation bag:

Both the black cotton Boden dress and the green patterned dress won’t be sticking around to see another day in my closet. The black dress was a bit too fitted in the bust and also the length was shorter than I prefer. After a day of the skirt creeping up and me yanking it down, I decided it’s time to donate it.

As for the green patterned dress, I thrifted it a few years ago and it’s looking a bit too worn nowadays. Both items were added to my thrift store donation bag to be dropped off once it’s full. The melon-colored gauze blouse (Target) and black cardigan (thrifted) will stay in my closet.

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