New Year, New You

Did you look at that post title and mutter ‘bullshit’ under your breath?
Because I totally did.

As much as I like the idea of a clean slate to start a year off ‘right’, I also realize that just because a calendar clicks over to another day I’m not going to magically change.

How many years have you had the same resolutions? And how many times could you actually say at the end of the year that you crushed them?

Instead of making resolutions, I typically try to give myself goals to work towards. However, this year the big THING seems to be to pick a word of the year. I’m not actually sure where it originated, because I’ve seen it everywhere. The top few google results are OneWord365, My One Word and Word of the Year.

Basically your word should be the theme that you want your year to follow, a reminder to yourself, or something that inspires you.

Last night I randomly woke up at 3:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. While lying there all snuggled up in the covers with my husband next to me, dog behind my knees and son down the hall… a word came to mind: balance.


I’m an all-or-nothing kinda girl. I typically eat either super healthy or like a trashcan. I work out every day, or not at all for months. I get buried in work, freelance writing and blog stuff and literally have to schedule dinner with girlfriends a month out. If there is something I need in my life, its balance.

So there you go, that’s my word.

What’s yours?

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6 thoughts on “New Year, New You”

  1. I saw this idea on LeeAnne’s page over the holidays and loved it. I chose two words (Pay Attention) which could be cut down to one: Mindful. Something I want to work on in 2016 is being mindful of how people and events make me feel. I can then use that information to make personal adjustments as necessary because, as you say, “You’re the boss of you.” BOOM.

  2. My word this year is “Simplify” I feel like I always have so many things going on, so much laundry, so much clutter… our year is going to be about finding ways to simplify all aspects. I think it will help us focus more on what’s actually important.

  3. I set a few “goals” instead of resolutions. BUT the word I like is “Centered” – to me, it’s a little bit about balance and a little bit about being self-aware/mindful.

    It’s knowing where your center is (what’s important in life) and making sure that you keep those things in check.

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