No Longer the Ugly Green Bathroom

So it looks like I’m going to have to find a new name for my upstairs hall bathroom, because it is no longer ugly OR green! Well, the tub is actually still green but with the shower curtain closed you don’t see it so it totally doesn’t count.

I first showed you my ugly green bathroom in this post. It was hideous and dated and just an all-around eyesore.

Yes, that is a green sink and toilet. And yes, it’s horrible.
Of course you need a matching green tub, right?

The first thing to go was the horrid plaid wallpaper. We actually hired someone to do that at the same time as he removed some other wallpaper before we even moved in. It still looked pretty terrible afterwards, because the walls were white with random spackle marks, but honestly nothing could have made that green toilet look cool.

Last month, we finally got into the nitty-gritty of it and ripped out the shower doors, toilet, sink, medicine cabinet and lights. We added in a simple vanity and bright white toilet, which improved the look 10,000 times! We also installed a new handheld shower head and lighting fixture.

Even with a wall full of nothing, it’s so much better than the old green stuff!
Here it is with our new sink and pretty, pretty toilet!

I then had to wait a month until I had a day free to paint. So on Monday, I sent Jack off to play at his grandma’s house and unleashed my inner painting goddess – attacking both the master bedroom and the formerly ugly green bathroom.

I sanded down the walls and painted them “Gentle Sky” by Behr. I also spray painted the 80’s looking wood switchpaints with my favorite oil rubbed bronze to see if I can save them. When everything was dry, I reinstalled all the fixtures, hung a cute mirror I found for just $50, put up my new shower curtain and my fun etsy artwork.

Such a change, right?! I think it’s kind of an INSANE difference for not doing a full bathroom renovation!

Here’s the cost breakdown:

American Classics Vanity* (Home Depot): $150.00
Brushed Nickel Faucet (Home Depot): $26.00
Toilet (Home Depot): $150.00
Lighting Fixture (Home Depot): $70.00
Assorted sink and toilet installation stuff: $50.00
Mirror(Martha Stewart Brand, from Home Depot): $50.00
Art from Etsy: $35.00
Bathmat (World Market): $20.00
Behr paint:$30.00
Hand towels (Homegoods): $10.00
Shower Curtain (West Elm): $15.00

Total bathroom project: $606.00

For around $600 I got rid of that terrible ugly green bathroom, so I’m a happy, happy girl!

I hope you all are having a Happy Thanksgiving! I need to go downstairs and start cooking in a couple hours, but until then I think I’m just going to stare at my new bathroom…


*The vanity came with a matching mirror that just looked too small for the space, so it will be re-purposed to Jack’s room when he gets a little older.

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7 thoughts on “No Longer the Ugly Green Bathroom”

  1. Thanks guys! The hardest part was switching out the sink because they previously used a hybrid of kitchen sink parts and bathroom sink parts. Luckily my dad is even more of a Reno Ninja than I am and was able to fix it! =)

  2. Thank you for posting pics of gentle sky color. I am going to paint my exterior of my house with same exact color.

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