A (Not So) Crabby 5k

You guys, I had so much fun over the weekend! My brother, Jason, and I ran the Charm City Crab 5k in Baltimore on Saturday and it was a blast.

Well, the race actually kind of sucked. The course is through the Inner Harbor, so you have to run over random cobblestones and dodge tourists, which is not so great. However, once you FINISH the course is when the fun starts… the Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival!

All runners get free entry into the festival for the first session, from 11:00 – 3:00 pm. So, basically you run your 3 miles and then you just eat and drink the rest of the morning. Sounds like fun, right?! There is also a full-on crab feast for those who want to sit and pick for hours. Instead, we decided to just go for a (super delicious) crab cake sandwich and drink ALL the beers!

We snapped this picture before the race, while we were still relatively cool and my face wasn’t bright red from the run:

Crabby 5k 1

This rum was SO GOOD. I especially recommend the coffee rum and the coconut rum. However I don’t necessary recommend doing shots of every flavor before 11:00 am…

Crabby 5k 2

I WON the costume contest! That’s right, they paid me $100 to wear what I was totally going to wear anyways!

Crabby 5k 3

When you are a Marylander, it is law that if you see the Natty Boh guy you chase him down and take a photo!

Crabby 5k with Boh

Crabby 5k with Boh - Joules

So yeah, it was an incredibly fun morning with the Crab 5k and all the yummy food and drink. The afternoon though… not so fun. Apparently I can’t drink like I used to ‘back in the day’ and I totally needed an afternoon nap to get back to feeling halfway normal. Also, I got some hardcore sunburn on my shoulders and arms but not my tattoo, because I SPFed that up the wazoo. Too bad I didn’t SPF the rest of my body…

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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6 thoughts on “A (Not So) Crabby 5k”

  1. Awesome! Your outfit ROCKS. My sister is planning a USA-themed outfit for her first HALF MARATHON in September and I’m excited to see it. I know half marathon doesn’t have to be capitalized but I think when someone runs 13.1 miles, it should be in all capital letters because it’s an incredible accomplishment.

  2. Congrats on winning the contest! I’m totally a fan of the rum! I mean, if its the weekend we totally should be doing shots before 11am 😉

  3. I’m loving your outfit! I did my first ever run last September. I did a half marathon that I didn’t train for, I don’t recommend that but we got beers too. So, yeah it was worth it. Haha. Glad you guys had fun! That is odd they ran the course through popular tourist streets.

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