Now Is a Good Time for a Clothing Purge!

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I’ve talked about purging clothing a bunch over the years. Basically, there is no reason to have clothing in your closet that makes you feel bad about yourself. Ever. So, every so often, I go through a phase where I take a close look at what I own and relentlessly purge it.

Since it’s been athleisure all-day-every-day at my house for the past 6 weeks, I feel like now is the perfect time to do some purging!

I did my winter-to-summer closet switchover and pulled out EVERY SINGLE PIECE of athleisure/fitness clothing that I own. It ALL went into a drawer and now instead of just wearing the top 3 items over and over again… I’ve challenged myself to wear every single item over the course of the quarantine.

See, I’m accomplishing something JUST by wearing clothing I own!

Anywho, at the end of the day of wearing an item I’m going to give myself the same little purge quiz I always do:

  1. At any time throughout the day, did I feel uncomfortable because of the item’s fit?
  2. After a full day, do I feel messy, disheveled, or super wrinkly?
  3. Bonus question added for quarantine: do I feel GOOD in the clothes or crappy?

We all have those random leggings that fall down our butts all day, or t-shirts that have shrunk a bit too much to fit comfortably. And NOW is when I’m getting them out of my closet. It’s easy to ignore ‘home clothes’ and just wear them because you have them… but I want to feel good in my clothes, no matter if I’m at home or out in the world!

My goal is to add any piece of clothing that doesn’t pass my purge quiz into my donation pile. Then, at the end of the quarantine I’ll drop the whole pile off at the local Goodwill for someone else to enjoy!

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