Plane Worries & Travel Prep

21 Jul

After months and months of looking forward to the trip, I’m finally leaving for the BlogHer conference super early on Wednesday morning. However, although I LOVE traveling, I can’t really say I’m looking forward to the 7 ½ hours of plane travel (2 flights with a quick layover).

In the hopes that by writing about them, they won’t come true… here are my top 8 worries, in no particular order:

1. Sitting next to someone who will not stop talking.

2. Sitting next to someone who is super STINKY.

3. Sitting next to someone who squishes over their seat onto mine. Wings optional.

4. The airlines losing my luggage during my layover, resulting in me having to wear the same outfit for 5 days.

5. Starving to death within the 7 ½ hours. {Yeah, I know I wouldn’t do well on Naked and Afraid}

6. Missing my connecting flight.

7. That my kindle battery dies or for some reason I can’t use it to read or watch movies and I have NOTHING TO DO!

8. That moment in time where the plane lands and EVERYONE stands up and just stands there stuck until I start getting claustrophobic and want to shove them all out of the way and RUN off the plane for fresh air.

So, with those worries in mind, here is how I’m trying to prepare:

I can’t really do much about who I sit next to… other than this, of course.

I am super concerned about losing my luggage though – which is why I’m planning to pack everything in a carry-on sized suitcase for the trip out to California. My plan is to check my suitcase on the way back and use a BlogHer provided tote bag as my carry-on to get home (with any swag that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase). My ‘worst case scenario’ plan is to stop by the nearby Ross to buy an additional suitcase if I can’t get everything to fit.

I’m pretty sure airlines don’t serve food anymore, so I’m going to pack myself some snacks for the trip. The 3 hour time change works to my advantage on the flight out, so I’ll be arriving in California right around lunchtime.

And we all know #8 is going to happen, no matter what.

I downloaded a few books for my Kindle, so that they are all ready for me to read without needing wi-fi access. I’d also like to be able to watch a movie or two. My Netflix subscription needs wi-fi access to use it, so I think I’m going to try and download a couple movies off Amazon.

Have you guys ever downloaded a movie onto your Kindle before? Is it relatively easy? Here is a list of their new releases, do you have any recommendations? Also, if you’d like to share… tell me about your BEST or WORST flying story in the comments?

PS, if you are a blogger heading to BlogHer you may want to check out this post by Sara on lots of fun stuff to do in the area: BlogHer: Welcome to Silicon Valley

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