Poll Results: How Often Does Your Elementary School Aged Kid Shower?

Last week I was feeling super lazy and was trying to get out of throwing Jack into the shower, so I thought I’d procrastinate by running a random Facebook poll…

Jack is typically on an every-other-day shower schedule most of the year. We bump it up to an every-single-day schedule in the summer when he goes to camp, because he comes home each afternoon smelling like stinky feet.

According to everyone who voted in, the majority of kids are on the same schedule:

There were also some comments on the post saying that their kids are on the ‘less than every other day schedule’ which I’m totally cool with too. There have certainly been days where I’ve given him a sniff and decided he was fine for another day!

I guess it would be different if Jack was 100% on his own for washing activities… but I still need lean in to give his hair a good scrub.Which means I end up wet, the floor ends up wet, and Ollie also sometimes ends up a little wet.

Which brings me to ask, when are kids old enough to do it all on their own and get ALL their bits and pieces cleaned to a satisfactory level. Or, do you just not worry about how satisfactory the level is as long as you don’t have to stick your hand all up in their undercarriage?

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2 thoughts on “Poll Results: How Often Does Your Elementary School Aged Kid Shower?”

  1. Um, I have a 14 year old who I’m not convinced washes anything like he should & have sent him to reshower when I realize he has skipped hair washing! It’s infurating!

  2. My kids 2 boys age 11 and 9 shower every morning before school. After Martial Art training twice a week and sunday night to calm them down after the week. But on the other nights as well. So usually twice a day

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