Reviewing Causebox: The Spring 2020 Box Reveal

I received my Spring Causebox in the mail, which was a nice surprise. I knew it was coming, but to be honest with all the craziness I kind of forgot to look forward to it. When they were initially releasing spoilers, I was going back and forth about whether I should pause my subscription because I wasn’t loving anything… but I never got around to it.

Let’s take a look at my Spring Causebox:

Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody purse with detachable strap, $75 retail value

Everyone received the crossbody bag in their box in either black, brown or light blue. I went with black, because I figured it was the most versatile.

I’ve made my feelings on ‘vegan leather’ pretty clear in the past, but just to reiterate… I am not a fan of a cheap plastic purse marked up to $75. Just saying.

This bag is fine – nothing special — and I thought maybe I’d take it with us to our Universal Studios Orlando trip because if I ruined it, I wouldn’t care at all. It’s a little bulker than I’d like for an amusement park though… so I really don’t have any use for it. I’ll stick it in my sister pile for them to pick through and then either list it on Poshmark or donate it to the thrift store.

BENTGO Stackable Bento Box, $29 retail value

Once again, I think a retail value of $29 is really stretching it for this bento box. I have purchased similar boxes at TJMaxx for less than $10. This one comes with a main compartment, a two-compartment divider, and plastic knife, spoon and knife. The plasticware keeps slipping out of the holders, so that’s a bit of a waste.

As for the container, Jack likes segmented boxes for his lunch and snacks. Since we’ve been home for the last few weeks, the sectioned portion has become a nice snack box for him. The plasticware is pretty much useless though.

Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit, $22 retail value

This set of 5 mesh and muslin bags are actually something that I can use. I like that the mesh bags can be used for loose fruit when you buy it at the grocery store. And they are a pretty good size too, I stuffed 5 apples in the smallest bag and there is still room for more. I’ll stick these in with my reusable grocery bags in my trunk and will be able to use these on my typical grocery trips. The price seems a bit high for me, but when I checked Amazon it was consistent with similar bag sets.

  • Earth Harbor Reparative Eye Cream, $34 retail value
  • Dime Beauty Super Eye Duo, $46 retail value
  • Cardea Auset CALM Mood Mist, $30 retail value

These three are the beauty items from this season’s Causebox. Out of the three, I’m most excited about the Super Eye Duo – it is a moisturizing mascara and an amino acid enhanced eyelash and brow boosting serum. I’ve started using the serum at night before I go to bed and we’ll see if my lashes suddenly grow longer. I’ve also started brushing a bit of the serum on a thin spot in my left eyebrow, so finger’s crossed it grows some fuzz!

As for the eye cream, I really like both the smell of it and how it soaks into my skin. I do feel like it might be making a difference by plumping up the fine lines around my eyes, so I’m happy to keep using this.

The calm spray smells like lavender, so I put it on my work-from-home desk so I can spray it around every so often.

Simple Self Daily Self-Care Planner, $40 retail value

I actually purchased a similar planner earlier this year and after a couple weeks, it got shoved to the side of my desk never to be looked at again. The planner is supposed to help you with self-care and has sections for setting goals, monthly intentions and daily schedule and mood tracking. I think if I weren’t living in the middle of a pandemic quarantine, I’d be a little more excited about it… but honestly I’m just trying to get through each day of work, kid school work, momming and wife-ing.

Overall Thoughts
While I am enjoying the eye cream and lash serum, overall I feel like the Spring box was not really a winner for me. Which is disappointing, because the Winter box also missed the mark. Once again, nothing was terrible… but also nothing was super great. If the Summer box doesn’t blow me away, I think it’s time for me to cancel my Causebox subscription.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

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