Reviewing DAILYLOOK Elite

First I tried Stitch Fix (again and again and again), then I tried The Ms. Collection, and now you guys get to hear all about DAILYLOOK Elite.

What is DAILYLOOK Elite?
Straight from the press release: Known for its trend-setting e-commerce site, DAILYLOOK now offers DAILYLOOK Elite, which offers a box of hand-picked items by your personal stylist delivered to your doorstep. For $20 a month, users will receive a curated collection of new fashion items selected for their wants and needs. DAILYLOOK Elite can send multiple boxes monthly when you’re stocking up for a new season or send a special request box for a perfect first date outfit – just give them a week’s notice.

While it does sound very similar to Stitch Fix, here are some differences:

  • DAILYLOOK has their own website where you can buy items, so if you see something you like you don’t have to cross your fingers that it will be in your box… you can just buy it. Same goes if you see a blogger talk about an item – if you love it, you can just buy it for yourself.
  • They include 6 – 8 items in each box, instead of just 5. In both my boxes I tried, I received 8 items. You get 7 days to decide if you want to keep any of your items.
  • They have a “closet” feature on their DAILYLOOK website where you can store items you like off their website. This gives your stylist a chance to see your style, as well as include items you have selected.
  • You are assigned a stylist with a direct email address. You can email back and forth whenever you’d like with your needs and your feedback on the items that didn’t work for you.
  • They have a very quick turn-around and can get you a box out with just a week’s notice.

To celebrate their launch, DAILYLOOK Elite is offering a three-month trial ($60 value) for free.

My First DAILYLOOK Elite Box
My first box did not go well. I’m trying to type that with a straight face. In reality it was absolutely terrible. However, I can imagine that it is very difficult to style a box for a customer that you never met and only saw their style survey results.

My first box contained:
DAILYLOOK Two Tone Sweater – $20.95 – no longer online
Classic Cotton Button Down Shirt – $29.99
DAILYLOOK Corningstone Vegan Leather Satchel – $49.99
Polka Dot Tulip Back Top – $29.95
Lucy Paris Classic Textured Blazer in Ivory – $66.99
DAILYLOOK Midi Skirt in Navy – $49.99
DAILYLOOK Pleated A-Line Midi Dress – $59.99
The Fifth Label Blown Away Blazer – $104.99 – no longer online

I actually didn’t bother taking pictures of this entire box because it was kind of a crap-storm of ill-fitting clothing. I did take a picture of the best and the worst from the box though…

Here’s the best:

DailyLook Elite - box 1 - best

The color is pretty, the cut is okay. The “midi” length is not great on me and if I were to keep this I’d chop it to knee-length instead. However, I actually own a dress super similar to this that I got at Banana Republic a few years ago. Note to those who are interested in purchasing this dress, it is cut small. Typically in dresses I wear a large and they sent me an extra-large (which is what I am wearing in the picture).

Now are you ready for the worst? My friends on Facebook and Instagram already got a peek of this one.

polka dot top

Yes, that’s a crop top. Actually, the polka dotted part is the crop top… I added the striped tank top for my own modesty. Here’s what I have to say about this top:

WTF collage

What is funny is if you click through to their model wearing the top, it’s not horrible. However, they state that the model’s measurements are a 22” waist and a 32A bust…

I wanted to give DAILYLOOK another chance. I mean, with their deal of trying them out for three months for free there is no reason NOT to try them again. I emailed my stylist with super specific feedback about what I liked and didn’t like, and I also added a few items that I liked to my online “closet” for her to see.

My Second DAILYLOOK Elite Box
Okay, this box was SO MUCH better. The style was more in tune with what I would wear, so I tried each item on for you guys:

wrap dress

DAILYLOOK Midi Wrap Dress – $69.99
I love wrap dresses and have a few already in my wardrobe, so props to my stylist for sending one over. The dress fit fine, however even though I have a total weakness for Ikat this fabric is just SO MUCH. It’s like I’m wearing a curtain from the 70’s and not in a sexy ‘I’m at a toga party’ kinda way.

midi skirt

Arquette Flared Gridline Skirt – $49.99
I feel like you guys will either love this skirt or totally hate it. I mean, it does look a bit like a 50’s housewife grabbed a tablecloth and just went to town with it. But it’s also kind of cute. Right?! Once again, I hated the “midi” length and wanted to chop a few inches off this skirt to make it look better on me. However, it wasn’t fitting perfect anywhere else either, so I decided to let this one go back into the wild. Or the tablecloth section. Whichever.

sweater and jeans

BB Dakota Fenna Stripe Cardigan – $104.99  and Joe’s Jeans Chanelle Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – $178.99
Okay, I’m wearing the cardigan and jeans together in this picture for your enjoyment. The jeans look okay in the picture, but in real life they are squeezing out a big ol’ muffintop. Good thing I have the blanket sweater to hide it! The sweater is kind of cute and I like the black and white design. I’m not really a big fan of fluffy open cardigans though, although I guess they are kind of everywhere right now. I’m also not a fan of the price for a sweater that doesn’t make my heart go pitter-pat.

green top

Velvet Heart Zena Button Down – $87.99
Do me a favor and click over to see what their model looks like in this shirt. Sexy, yes? Now, look at me. Case closed.

gray blazer

Veronica Tailored Blazer – $49.99
I was almost feeling like I should buy this jacket. I mean, it’s a gray suit jacket and it fit pretty well. But then I looked at the pictures of me wearing it and there is nothing really good about it. I mean, there is nothing really BAD about it either. But, who wants to buy a jacket that is just bearable?


Quay Invader Laser Cut Sunglasses – $39.99
I was kind of tempted by these glasses – I mean they are an interesting cross of weird and cute. So, I asked you guys on Instagram and Facebook and the consensus was… they’re just weird. They make for a funny picture though, so there’s that!

bag and glasses

Baggu Shoulder Tote Duck Bag $39.99
The only item that I wanted to keep from this order was the cute striped bag, but I was really disappointed when I saw that it was only $24 on another website. I used the chat feature to ask if DAILYLOOK price matched and got an immediate response of “No.”

Um… okay. I went ahead and kept it though because DAILYLOOK gave me a credit as a thank you for trying out their service and considering it for a review. When I did my box feedback form, I noted in the comments that I was really disappointed that they didn’t price match and was pleasantly surprised when my stylist send me an email the next day apologizing and refunding my account with the difference in price. So, maybe you just need to make a little noise to get a price match?

Should You Try DAILYLOOK?
My recommendation: click around on the DAILYLOOK website. If you see lots of stuff that you like, order the DAILYLOOK Elite box. If you click and click and click some more without seeing one thing you’d want to buy… give it a pass. They still have their promotion where they waive the $20 stylist fee for your first three boxes, so you have nothing to lose by trying them out!

Did my silly ‘crop top’ picture make you laugh? Are you loving or hating the “invader” sunglasses? Do you think I should have kept any items that I sent back from my second box?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by DAILYLOOK. All thoughts, opinions and ‘yuck face’ photos are my own. I used the promo code for the free styling fee for each of my boxes. I did, however, receive credit on my account which I used to purchase the tote bag.

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9 thoughts on “Reviewing DAILYLOOK Elite”

  1. Yeah that midi length doesn’t look good on anyone. Just past the knee works best for most people.

    I love the 1950s tablecloth skirt but I would totally hem it. And agree with the pattern for the first dress. It’s just TOO MUCH.

    Oh and the open cardigan? Nope for that price. I have a similar one (not with stripes though it’s just solid Navy) that I got at Old Navy for like $39.

    1. I would have chopped the skirt to knee-length if I kept it, but it also didn’t fit quite right at the waist… so I figured I’d pass. Even though I was kind of digging it.

      I’ve seen the sweater you’re talking about at Old Navy and keep clicking on the website to buy it, but then I remember that open sweaters don’t look good on me and pass.

  2. Midi length skirts and dresses don’t do it for me, either. I’m not sure exactly who they look good on. As far as the subscription goes, I feel like Stitch Fix does a way better job for you.

  3. Hi I was wondering if everything was absolutely free?:) I really wanna try it out but it’s advertising it’s free and I need to know if you have to pay like a service fee or something?

    1. DAILYLOOK Elite is currently running a special where they are waiving the $20 stylist fee for the first 3 boxes. If you decide to purchase any of the clothing, you will pay its normal price. You do not get any clothing for free.

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