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You guys, I am totally counting down the days until our next vacation, which is coming up in May. Travis and I went to Universal Studios Orlando back in 2010, but this time will be even more awesome…

This time we are bringing our own 5 year old ‘thing 1’ with us, Jack! Also, when we last visited there was only one side to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and now there is EVEN MORE to see! So much excitement! So many exclamation points!

We’ve been preparing Jack by watching Harry Potter movies, in addition to familiarizing him with other characters that he will see at the parks. We can’t wait to see Spiderman, the Hulk, the Minions, Transformers, Curious George, Shrek and more. We already know that Jack is a rollercoaster fiend, just like his momma, so really it is up to Travis to be able to keep up with us!

We are staying right on property at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, so we will be able to walk over to the parks each day and we also got those ‘Universal Express’ unlimited ride passes so we can skip waiting in lines.

So, here’s where I’d love your help! Is there anything you think we absolutely shouldn’t miss? Do you have a restaurant or snack recommendation that we should be sure to add to our list? Anything you think we should know? Feel free to fill up my comments section with your tips!

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5 thoughts on “Share your Universal Studios Orlando Tips!”

  1. Oooh you’re getting express! That’s a great idea for that time of year. This is silly, but. I paid the $50 to buy an interactive Harry Potter wand. Making the windows and such do magic was ridiculously fun for this Ravenclaw. Diagon Alley is MUCH BIGGER and less smushed than Hogsmeade, so that’s where I spent most of my HP time. Oh! We really loved the chicken and waffles sandwich that you can get in the Simpson’s area (which is at Universal Studios, not IOA). It’s a giant quick service restaurant with a bunch of booths. Cletus’s chicken shack has the sandwich. It’s horrible for you, but when you’re walking all those miles in a day? Not so bad. Oh and bring a water bottle. They have Coke freestyle machines around that you can refill your water bottles with ice water and it’s not weird theme park water fountain water. If by chance Jack is too short for the HP rides, you can do child swap, which would also give him the opportunity to see the awesome theme-ing in the lines. I mean, going through Hogwarts and Gringotts is super cool regardless of the ride at the end. I’m so stoked for you! You’ll have the best time! Text me if I can be of further assistance, we were just there in November :).

    1. The wands are awesome. I was dumb though and I bought one for myself and kid#1 and kid#2. I wish I woulda just bought 1 and we shared it, cuz now what am I doing with 3 wands at home? Nothing. 🙂

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