Shopping Small in Philly

Much like my NYC trip the previous week, I had a quickie overnight trip to Philadelphia last week. Once my train got in to Philly, I had a few hours to kill before my evening event, so I did a bit of walking around. In quick succession, my friend and I visited the Redding Terminal Market, the Dilworth Park Winter Garden at City Hall and the Christmas Village at Love Park. I love handmade items, so these winter villages were exactly what I LOVE about visiting different cities!

I ended up buying a few items for Christmas gifts… and a couple treats for myself too. Let’s check them out!

{Much, like my NYC post I did include links when I could find them. These are NOT sponsored links. I just really love what I purchased so I thought I’d make it easy for you if you want to shop for yourself.}

Bopbe handmade earrings

I basically never change my earrings out, so when I saw these pretty handmade earrings I was planning to leave them behind. They kept calling my name though and I ended up buying them. Look at them… they are so beautiful! How could I resist? I found the Bopbe shop on Etsy but they are currently closed while they have their booth at the Dilworth Park Winter Garden. So many of their items were gorgeous though, so if you like the earrings be sure to check back in the new year! I think I’m going to give these to my husband to wrap up for Christmas…

La Vie en Rose bracelet

I know, I know… I obviously have an obsession with bracelets. I couldn’t resist trying this one on. Then – as you know – once you see how beautiful it is on your arm, you can’t leave without it! As for the inscription, “La Vie en Rose” is a jazz song from the 1940’s. The idea of having a rosy outlook on life, or seeing the world through rose glasses turns into looking at everything through the haze of being in love. For me, I see it as keeping a positive outlook on everything. Here is a link to the exact bracelet I bought with your choice of inscriptions. 

Felt and Wool Angels

How adorable are these little felt angels? I bought one for my tree and one for a gift. Felt n Wool exports handcrafted felt products from Nepal and they had everything from scarves to slippers to ornaments. I read this on their Facebook page and thought it was really cool: “Our products are made in both a worker and eco-friendly process. Felt is not woven; instead the wool fibers are placed in warm soapy water and rolled under pressure to entangle the fibers. No electricity is used and there is little waste. Most of the workers are women who get their kids off to school, sit together chatting with friends and making our products – earning wages about the same as office workers – and finishing work in time to greet the kids from school.You can find their page here.

JoeyFiveCents necklace

This one is a gift, so if you are a sister of mine… LOOK AWAY! This initial necklace was made using original vintage paper from a Palmer Handwriting practice guide book from the 1930’s and 1940’s. The vintage paper has been sealed and coated with resin and then accented with a tiny vintage pearl bead flourish. My sister is engaged, so I purchased the letter of what will be her new last name!

Crisp & Co Pickles

You know if they have samples of food, I’m going to try some…right? Crisp & Co had a super yummy assortment of award-winning artisan pickles to sample and my favorites were the Sweet Ginger Pickles and the Savory Pickled Mushrooms. I bought one of each for my dad, and then one of the Ginger Pickles for my husband. Here’s their website.

I would have loved to do a little Philly thrifting while I was there, but I ran out of time! I’m just glad that I finally got a start on my Christmas list!

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