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Jenn recently commented on one of my style posts and asked if I had any favorite fashion bloggers.To be honest, while I obviously enjoy lots of different blogs…I don’t really follow many fashion or style blogs. I get frustrated that a lot of style bloggers are either teensy-tiny or plus-sized, which is why I decided to just start posting my own style stuff for us in-between ladies!

However, I do have three ladies that I check out on a routine basis and I think you might like them too…

Adina over at Blue Collar Red Lipstick is a professional working mom and a thrifting queen. I’ve been following her blog and her Instagram for 6+ months now and I love the way she combines thrifted items for professional looks. You can find her blog here: Blue Collar Red Lipstick and find her on Instagram here: bcrladinaj

Audrey from Putting Me Together is another working mom and she does accessible style on a budget. She routinely remixes pieces from her wardrobe and includes everything from Old Navy to Nordstrom. You can find her blog here: Putting Me Together and find her on Instagram here: Putting Me Together

What Lou Wore 365 is a blog I found after I realized I’d been clicking like on almost all of Lou’s Boden ensembles on Instagram. She’s a working mom who likes to run and wears a lot of Boden…what’s not to love? You can find her blog here: What Lou Wore 365 and you can find her on Instagram here: princessdave

Now it’s your turn… do you have a style or fashion blogger that you love?

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2 thoughts on “Spreading Some Love: Style Bloggers”

  1. I don’t read many fashion blogs either. I find most fashion blogs I come across post outfits that are waaaayyyy out of my budget range or they just aren’t my style at all. I regularly read your blog and Life in Pearls and Sports Bras (https://pearlsandsportsbras.com). She posts a good mix of Nordstrom finds, Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, Target, A&E, etc. Most of her outfits are on the affordable side which I love and her dogs make plenty of cameos in her photos which is a huge plus for me 🙂

  2. Morning! You’re so kind to include me, thank you 🙂 I appreciate there’s a real disconnect betweeen the blog and my IG as I don’t promote my blog on there at all but so many friends, family, even my boss follow me on IG that I just keep them completely seperate! I really do wear a lot of Boden, that’s how I discovered Dina’s blog about 8 years ago. She’s coming to the UK this weekend so I’m planning to pop up to London and meet her at the Boden shop 😀

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