Super Cheap DIY: Bra Extender

I think I mentioned that I have some weddings to attend soon: my brother and his fiancée are getting married in September, and then my sister and her fiancé are getting married in December. Both of my bridesmaid dresses require a strapless bra and I basically hate strapless bras. The only one that I can deal with that actually stays up and doesn’t look weird is a backless-strapless corset-type bra (also called a ‘longline’ bra) that I wore for my wedding. But my wedding was almost exactly 10 years ago, and my corset was a *little* too tight…

I initially went on the hunt for a new longline bra and saw that most of them were around $80. Sigh. What a waste of $80! I did find one that looked like it would work on the Nordstrom Rack website for $45… but when it came to my house and I tried it on, it made my boobs look super odd. The fit was awful and there was NO WAY it would work under my pretty dresses.

If only I could just make the bra I had a little bigger…

And then BOOM. I figured it out! A BRA EXTENDER!

I’d seen them for normal bras here and there, so I immediately went on Amazon to see if they made them for longline bras. I figured, worst case scenario I could buy a few smaller ones and put them together.

Not necessary though, because I found this:

The corset extender was only $10 and could work for any corset that had between 10 – 13 hooks. My longline bra had 13 hooks, so I thought it might work perfectly to solve my problems. It qualified for Prime shipping, so it came to my mailbox the very next day.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here it is about 3 seconds later, hooked to my existing bra:

SO EASY. And it works perfectly! The extender gives you an extra 1 – 3 inches and you can adjust it exactly to the length that you need. It matches my white corset perfectly and now when I put it on, I can breathe! And there is no back muffin-top situation!

Did you know that there were corset extenders out there? This easy little DIY saved me over $70!


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3 thoughts on “Super Cheap DIY: Bra Extender”

  1. OMG, I hate strapless bras with a passion. I feel like I’m constantly tugging at my armpits to keep it up. I’ve never used a corset bra before, but I like the idea of keeping my midsection in place.

  2. What a great idea! I don’t currently need one for my strapless bra, but am going to order a set for my day-to-day ones. Thanks!

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