My Fantastic Craigslist Ad

I’m doing a little spring cleaning around the house. Um, make that fall cleaning. Really, I just hate having crap around the house that isn’t getting used, so I put a couple things on craigslist to see if I can generate some money to buy new crap.

Anyways, after checking with my friends to see if anyone wanted it, I posted this ad for an activity gym that Jack has outgrown:

Activity Gym – $10

Explore and Store Activity Gym. Great condition, folds up for easy storage. Fun for your baby! I’m selling this activity gym for $10. If you are interested, please email me. Cash only. No spammers please.

Pretty well written, right? I mean, who WOULDN’T want to get in on that and buy my used activity gym?

I’ve had a couple random emails asking if it was still available – which it is – but no takers yet.

And then it happened. Someone looked at my advertisement and saw my true potential. I am obviously a superstar that they want to hold on to as I shoot around the galaxy and spread my awesomeness.

Subject: Activity Gym


My name is Adele Lefebvre, I am the owner of a fashion company located in France. I am looking for a personal assistant in USA. If you are interested in earning extra income in your free time as my personal assistant, please write back and let me know. You could earn 1k up to 4k in one month. I look forward to hear from you.

Thank you
Adele Lefebvre

Oh wow, Mademoiselle Adele was so incredibly impressed with either my well-written advertisement or the stylishness of my activity gym (which I got from Walmart, by the way) and wants to hire me. And why WOULDN’T she want to hire me – I could totally sell her old crap too! Not to mention, that having an extra $1,000 – $4,000 a month would be great.

Do people actually fall for this stuff?

What’s funny is that I googled Adele Lefebvre and found one from Paris on twitter. She’s apparently a gorgeous French woman (who may be fake, since her photo jpg name is “France Girl” who spouts off such gems as, “I hate flowers. Such a dumb gift. Bring me money (June 8)” and “I just want to get high and cruise today (August 6).”

Hmm…maybe she’s not a fake. She DOES sound like she could use a personal assistant…*

9/17 Update: A fabulous Pocketful of Joules reader just emailed me that they were also recruited by Adele Lefebvre to be their personal assistant. In her follow up communications, it is very clear that it is a money laundering scam. If you’ve found this blog post because you feel something was “off” about communications with Adele Lefebvre, please DO NOT let her send you money. Many times these types of scammers ask for information that would allow them to access your bank account (and YOUR money). Other times, they give you a bad check to cash and you’re left owing the bank once they’ve disappeared.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! You can learn more about how money laundering scams work here, here and here.
* Please note: this is a JOKE! If you’re new to this blog and thinking that the Adele Lefebvre offer might be legit, please understand that it is a scam!

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