Diamond Candle Review: YES, it’s a RING in a CANDLE!

Do you guys remember that Reese Witherspoon movie, Sweet Home Alabama, where she says incredulously something like, “You have a BABY in a BAR?!” Well, that’s how I feel when I explain Diamond Candles to my friends. Yup, that’s right ladies… it’s a RING in a CANDLE!

imageWhen I was contacted by my new friend at Diamond Candles and asked if I’d like to do a review and giveaway on my blog, my response was something like “HELL YEAH” inside but a nice and ladylike “Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you!” The reason I was so excited was that Diamond Candles are pretty much like Cracker Jacks for grownups! You get a delicious smelling all-natural soy candle that has a ring hidden inside.

So, not only do you get to enjoy the wonderful smells wafting around the house… you get a PRIZE!

The rings range in value from $10 to $5,000, so it’s kind of like playing the lottery. A nice, pretty-smelling kind of lottery where you’re guaranteed to walk away with something.

I chose a Vanilla Lime scented candle and waited with baited breath for it to burn down enough for me to grab out the ring. Even though lots of people are “diggers” and cut into their candles with a knife to get the ring goodness out ASAP, I wanted to try to play by the rules and wait patiently.

This is my waiting impatiently face.

Ok, not so patiently. But I DID wait. Luckily my ring was pretty close to the top, so it only took a couple sessions of burning to unearth the foil wrap.

image_2I grabbed out the foil with some makeshift chopsticks and only realized later that you’re supposed to blow the candle out first. Oopsie. Well, at least I didn’t burn myself.

image_3As soon as I had that hunk o’ foil free, I unwrapped it as quickly as possible!

image_4Once I got the ring out, I washed it off with some dish soap and here it is!!

image_5Pretty cool, right? The first question everyone asks is how much the ring is worth.

Well, there are a couple ways to find out. First, you check the inside of the band to see if there are any markings. If you see “China” or “Thailand” it is a $10 ring. If you see nothing marked at all, the ring is valued between $10 – $100 and you can get it appraised if you’re curious of the exact value. If you see a marking of 14k or 18k, or something karat-like, get yourself to a jewelry store and have that bad boy appraised to see if it’s worth $100’s or $1,000’s!

My ring looks like it’s possibly a sterling silver and peridot mix. Or maybe just something super cheap that looks pretty. Either way, I like it a lot. Unfortunately, it’s a bit large for my fingers so I’ll either get a cheapo ring sizer to snap on the back or give it away to someone with larger fingers.

image_6I can see how Diamond Candles can be addictive, as soon as I dug my ring out (and checked the Diamond Candles Facebook page to see if anyone had something similar) I immediately started pining for another candle… I think that this could be the perfect gift for bridesmaids, someone hard to buy for like your Mother-In-Law or a super cute anniversary gift for a wife (hint, hint).

How about you, do YOU want a candle? Well, my friend at Diamond Candles has generously provided me with one to give away!

Click here to enter using Rafflecopter!

The contest closes on September 16, 2013, so get your entries in so you can qualify!

Disclosure: Diamond Candles provided me with a free candle to review; however all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. The contest winner will be chosen by the Rafflecopter widget and I will email the winner their special promo code once chosen.

9/16/13 Update: The winner was chosen randomly by Rafflecopter. Congratulations to Merete Sorum! If you are Merete, please check your email because I just sent you your special prize code which will give you your Diamond Candle for FREE!

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