The Fun Fall Swap

So the other night I was totally showing off my mad multitasking skillz by watching TV, eating an over-sized marshmallow, listening to see if Jack FINALLY fell asleep, and playing on Twitter. You know, a normal weeknight.

While poking around, I barged into a conversation that started with @art_is_of_words posting some amazing pictures of canned goods gift baskets that she was preparing. Everyone was super jealous of her delicious and pretty looking baskets and wanted to get themselves in on her gift giving list.

I randomly blurted out (um, I guess type-blurted out) that we should totally have a Secret Santa Exchange so that we can all get fun gifts “just because.” Oh, and it should be FALL themed, because the holidays are way too far away and it would be fun to do something now…

And that is how the First Annual Fun Fall Swap was born!

To brighten someone’s day by mailing them something that isn’t a bill or junk mail!

We want this to be more FUN than expensive, so please don’t spend over $15. Since it’s the Fun FALL Swap, try to stick to a fall-themed something. It doesn’t have to be homemade, but if that’s your thing go for it!

@JoulesDellinger from Pocketful of Joules
@hellomap from Forever 51
@mybrainonkids from My Brain on Kids
@art_is_of_words from The B(itch) Log
@diapersorwine from Diapers… Or Wine
@chewyleecious from Chewyleecious
@katiebelle1121 from Words for Worms
@kidinducedcrazy from Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well with Others
@Happylitlefeet from Happy Little Feet

These bloggers* tweeted me that they wanted to participate, but that doesn’t mean you missed your chance! We are all-inclusive here – if you’re a fun blogger and you want to be included, just shoot me off an email with your information by noon on 9/21/12.

Participant Information:
I need each blogger to send me an email ( by noon on 9/21/12 with their mailing address so that I can partner people to do the secret part of the swapping.

How it Works:
I’ll randomly match bloggers up and email them the address of their secret match. After you receive the email from me, you have 4 weeks to surprise your new friend with their gift(s)! So that everyone gets to experience the awesomeness of a random gift in the mail, please make sure that you send something before October 19, 2012. It could literally be ANYTHING — crafts, food, a book, something cute from Target… use your imagination!

When you receive your gift, blog about it and try to guess which blogger sent it to you! Also, please email me the link to your blog post.  I’ll reveal the blogger matches in a post (with links to everyone’s blog posts) at the end of October.  If you chose correctly, you get bragging rights on both your own blog and mine too!

Fun, right?

So get on it bloggers and let’s spread some Fun Fall Cheer!

 *If you changed your mind, it’s no problem at all. Just email me and let me know!

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14 thoughts on “The Fun Fall Swap”

  1. HAHAHHAHA I just did my HAPPY DANCE…not only is this going to ROCK our SOCKS off but I think it’s a way to really get to know each other and support each other. This is gonna be SO FUN…..hopefully no one can guess me…but that might be a bit hard >..< nothing ever goes right! *cheers to you* xoxo

    1. Isn’t the goal to be guessed correctly? Hmm…maybe not! With your awesome crocheting skills I think anyone would be lucky to get one of your works of art! =) But if you want to totally stump someone, I’m sure you can find a way!

    1. You were volunteered by @kidinducedcrazy — we’d love to have you join us if you’d like. I don’t think it matters that you’re in Canada…you guys still get mail, right? 😉

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