The Waffle

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live with a 3 year old? Let me paint you a picture. A word-for-word transcript of last Saturday’s breakfast with Jack. Even though this DID happen last Saturday, it could really be any Saturday…

Joules: I’m going to have a frozen waffle for breakfast. Do you want a waffle?
Jack: Nope.

Joules: Ok. {toasts waffle, slathers on some peanut butter and sits down to eat}
Jack:I want a waffle.

Joules: Ok. Do you want one of my waffles?
Jack::No. I want my own waffle.

Joules:Ok, so you want me to toast you a waffle and put some peanut butter on it just like mine?

Joules: No problem. {heats up a third waffle and starts eating her waffles} Jack, your waffle is ready.
Jack:No, I don’t want a waffle.

Joules: Are you sure? You just asked for a waffle.

Joules: Ok. {finishes her two waffles} Are you SURE you don’t want your waffle?
Jack: NO. I don’t want a waffle.

Joules:Ok. {eats Jack’s waffle so it doesn’t go to waste}
Jack: Where is my waffle?

Joules: {wiping crumbs from face} Whaaat?
Jack: Where is MY WAFFLE? I’m SO HUNGRY! My tummy is RUMBLING! I need my WAFFLE!!!

Joules: Sorry, I didn’t think you wanted your waffle so I ate it. I’ll make you another waffle. {makes a fourth waffle} Are you SURE you want a waffle?
Jack: YES, I’m so hungry! {grabs tummy and pitifully stomps around the kitchen while I make him a waffle)

Joules:Jack, your waffle is ready.
Jack: I don’t want a waffle.

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5 thoughts on “The Waffle”

  1. My daughter is 11, but we still have something similar, but more expensive. We go school shopping, where I let her pick out her own clothes as anything I pick out is not cool enough. Fast forward a month where she refuses to wear half of the new tops because she doesn’t like them any more. After not wearing them even once! And we live over an hour from the city, plus the tags are all removed, and who knows where the receipt even is any more! I told her that next year it is just going to be t-shirts. We’ll see if that sticks – girl clothes is so cute!

  2. That is perfect! My five year old is still like that — “Do you want you toast cut in half?” “Yes.” “Are you sure you want your toast cut in half because I can’t put it back together once I’ve cut it.” “YES.” (I cut toast in half. August starts sobbing.) “I don’t want my toast cut in half!” (I then eat the toast.) “YOU ATE MY TOAST!”

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