Throwing Stones

WHAT?! You must be saying. TWO posts in one day?

Crazy, right?

I had actually planned to just post about the DIY Challenge this morning, but then found out that my article would be going up on the Dad’s Roundtable website today. When I was writing THAT article, I also wrote this post ABOUT writing that article. Yeah, a lot of thinking has been happening in this ol’ brain.

So, here you go… my thoughts behind The Mom Inch….


I’ve had an idea floating around in my head for a post that I want to do on the Dad’s Roundtable website.

This idea has been floating around for weeks. Maybe even months. And every time I start typing up my thoughts, I think “no, someone is going to get mad at me” and delete my writing. This has happened a half-dozen times so far.

Lame, right?

I mean. It’s not like I intentionally want to make people mad at me. I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s just that sometimes you need to write your feelings out. And you CAN, because they are how YOU feel.

Maybe I should just put a big “NO OFFENSE” sticker on the top of the post?


The idea is that there is that no matter how “equal” or “fair” your family tries to make life… it’s not. SOMEONE always has to do just a little bit more. And in our family, that someone is me.

I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way to my husband, because he is pretty darn awesome. There aren’t many men out there that would feel confident enough in themselves to spend Wednesdays home with their son and ignore the crappy comments of their co-workers.

It just seems like there are things only seen by my eyes. Like the big pile of dishes in the sink. Or the unmade bed. Or the pile of laundry that is on the floor and not quite in the laundry basket.

I call it the “Mom Inch” and part of me thinks it’s really stupid to talk about it on the DAD’S Roundtable. I mean, isn’t that like attacking their dad-ness?

I hear complaints of stay-at-home moms who are angry that their husband doesn’t contribute enough with the excuse that staying home with the kids “is their job.” But what about those of us who work full time AND still have all those duties at home? I can’t be the only one who after a full day of work and a full day of being Supermom, still has a bit more to do. Right?

All this and more is why I wrote “The Mom Inch” which was published on Dad’s Roundtable today. Stop by to check it out and let me know what you think.


*That’s my frustrated pirate noise. FYI.

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4 thoughts on “Throwing Stones”

  1. “It’s just that sometimes you need to write your feelings out. And you CAN, because they are how YOU feel.”

    I needed this today, thank you.

  2. I love what you wrote so much. You are by no means taking anything away from all those wonderful dad’s out there. You are just simply stating that in most cases mom’s have that extra “inch” of things to take care of! As a working busy mom, every word you wrote resonated with me. Thank you for that!

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