Too Close for Comfort

When I go to the beach, I’m looking to relax. I want to plop my stuff down, stare at the ocean and eat all the snacks I brought in peace.

What I DON’T want is someone all up in my business.

So, imagine my surprise when we went to Ocean City last week and almost every single day ended up with people WAY too close to us. I mean, I understand that if the beach is crowded you need to be a little closer together. But, even when there was plenty of space we’d suddenly have a neighbor so close that I could hand them one of my pretzels. One day we even had people walking THROUGH our little area.

And these weren’t kids, either!

I guess since I’ve been going to Asseteague the last couple years, I didn’t realize that this was happening on the more crowded beaches. But OHMYGOSH people, back that ass up!

I know I’m about 2 steps away from shaking my fist in the air and telling those damn kids to get off my lawn, but I feel like I’m not alone on this one.

So, chime in. Does this drive you crazy too? What do you do when someone suddenly sets up in “your space”?

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7 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort”

  1. I’m the same way in warning to relax on the beach without people up in my business haha. My husband always fishes at the beach and he gets super annoyed when people start swimming in the area where his line is. It’s like do you really want to get hooked? lol

  2. We parked ourselves at 17th street last week and that was quite nice. Plenty of room :). I typically prefer Assateague as well, at least they have places to hose off the sand. But then you have to watch out for pony poop.

  3. My dad says people love to wait in lines. If they see one, they’ll get in it just because everyone else is standing in it. It’s the place to be! I wonder if this is in the same category of phenomena. When it happens to me — at the beach, the movie theater, the DMV, wherever — it does drive me crazy and I move.

  4. ohmygosh that would drive me insane. I can’t stand when people get that close to me ever, but it’s especially annoying when you’re trying to relax!

  5. Ugh. I hate people (especially strangers. Especially RUDE strangers who walk through your shit) all up in my grill. It honestly does ruin your time. 🙁

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