Visiting San Francisco: All the Shopping

If you followed along with me on Instagram (@PocketfulofJoules) while I was in San Francisco last week, you might know that I went a little crazy with the shopping. Okay, a lot crazy. So crazy that I realized that there was no way all my stuff would fit back in my little carry-on and I had to go and buy myself another suitcase.


Even though I did ALL the shopping, I didn’t spend ALL the money. So, let me show you all the deals I found while putting in some miles in San Francisco:

Nordstrom Rack Scores
I find that Nordstrom Racks can be totally hit or miss depending on the location, so I was curious to stop by the Market Street location. I was thrilled to see a ‘baby bell sleeve’ blouse that I’d been eying online – baby bell, not Babel for my cheese lovers – so I tried it on. It was this one for $26 and it looked awful on me. So, that basically saved me like $80 to pay to Nordstrom to send it to me, only to have me return it at a later date.

I did buy two things though… this zip up star hoodie for $32 and also this pretty ‘good luck’ elephant necklace for $29.

I wore the hoodie every night when I got back to my chilly hotel room (and also a night when I went out and about for dinner). As for the necklace, it is my new favorite and I’ve worn it every day since I bought it!

Anthropologie Score
There was an Anthropologie right by my hotel and they sent me an email that they were having a 50% off sale, so I figured I’d stop by and take a little look around. I ended up with this Julian Tie-Sleeve Top because I can’t resist a cool black tank top for $30.


You can tie the straps as high or low as you like, which is great for a perfect fit. It looks super cute untucked with a more fitted cardigan over top, or on its own half-tucked into jeans or shorts. I think I’m going to get a ton of wear out of this one! If you want to try it for yourself, you might want to size down. I went with a medium and it still looks nice and flowy.

Goodwill Scores
I actually stopped at three different Goodwills during my trip. The first one at 1580 Mission Street had a huge selection and I spotted some great finds from Boden and Joie, but nothing came home with me. That was NOT the case at my second Goodwill. The location at 296 Bay Street was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen and OHMYGOSH the scores were crazy.

Prada sweater, $4.99
Within my first rack or two, I came across a cashmere and silk Prada sweater. PRADA! Oh yeah, and it was $4.99. As you can imagine, I hid that thing in the bottom of my basket and was totally afraid someone might come and grab it from me! I found an identical one online in pink with an original price of $840 so this deal is even bigger than when I found a DVF dress with tags still on it. I can’t wait to wear it in the fall/winter tucked into a high-waisted skirt!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Low Top, $9.99
Another lesson in looking everywhere at a thrift store… these sneakers were in the men’s section even though if you look inside they have women’s sizing. I recognized them as the Dainty Low Tops and they are being sold on the Converse website for $50. This pair was never worn and my size, so it was obviously meant to be!

Poncho, $8.99
I know, shopping for a poncho is a little ridiculous in June… but when you see something you like at a thrift store, you need to just go for it. This one is a nice medium-weight fabric and the leather and metal clasp is really snazzy. There are no tags on it, so I couldn’t track it down anywhere. However, I think that will be a great addition to my wardrobe next winter.

Aris A. USA Velvet Burnout Duster, $4.99
When I saw this cute velvet burnout thing I didn’t recognize the brand, but it reminded me of some kimono’s that I’ve seen recently at Anthropologie. I thought it could look cute with a tank top and jeans, or maybe even as a cover-up at the beach. I googled the brand a bit and found a similar design online for $175. While I would never pay almost $200 for this, at just $4.99 it was a total steal!

I decided to visit one last Goodwill at the 822 Geary Street location. That one was very similar to the ones that we have back home and there was a total hodgepodge of stuff. I ended up with just one item, this top for $5.99:

The upper tag had been cut out, but there was still the inside tag intact. I did some google sleuthing and found that this is the Textured Dot Sweater from Ann Taylor that was sold for $80.


I really like the weight of the fabric, the subtle dots and the sleeve length. The navy color will also work with much of my closet, so I should be able to get wear out of this pretty much immediately. (6/28 update: I wore it today!)

Old Navy Score
I was in San Fransicso during Pride month and missed the Pride parade by just one day. Lots of stores had rainbow flags and Pride displays, and I was initially able to resist this shirt when I saw it in the window at Old Navy. Then, I went on a Segway adventure (more coming about that later this week) and sunburned the crap out of my chest. Every shirt I had packed was a v-neck, so I bought this one to protect my poor sunburned skin. No regrets on the $14 purchase, because it is awfully cute.

And that brings us to my last purchase… my extra suitcase! Apparently I’m not the only one who goes a little shopping crazy in San Francisco, because the TJ Maxx next door to my hotel had the largest selection of suitcase I’ve ever seen in one place! There were literally hundreds of choices and I ended up picking this adorable “London” design for $50.

I’ve been slowly switching out our crappy suitcases with nice ones, so this purchase wasn’t really much of a hardship. The inside has one zip closed portion, the wheels go all directions and its pattern will make it easy to find at the baggage claim. I’ll call that a win!

Have you ever bought so much on a trip that you had to buy another suitcase? Are you with me in squealing over that Prada find?


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