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I was recently chatting with my sister trying to determine if our planned April 2021 trip would happen or not, and it got me to thinking how wonderful it will be to travel again. Last year, we had to cancel our Universal Studios trip, but we did get away to Ocean City for a socially distanced beach vacation. In 2021, we were hoping to take a trip to Florida to celebrate my sister’s (twins) 30th birthdays. With the vaccine rollout, I’m thinking we will have to pass on that vacation too. Which is such a bummer.

I love having a trip to look forward to though, so I’m considering trying to tentatively plan something for Summer or Fall 2021? I mean, in a way that seems very, very far away… but also um, not.

I know I want to go somewhere warm and very importantly, somewhere with a beach. We may end up trying the Florida trip again if it falls through. Or, perhaps Hawaii… we’ve only visited Kauai so far and I’ve heard Maui is a great place to visit with kids! Really, I’d like to go someplace that is not my house…

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One thought on “Wanderlust”

  1. I would like to go see my sister, in Myrtle Beach. She lives there, and we always have so much fun. But, who knows when it will be safe? My husband and I have been thinking about a weekend in Woodstock, N.Y. We’d like to see the big museum in Bethel, where Woodstock was held. There’s an art center there now, also, and the town of Woodstock is really cute, with a lot to do, and a cute inn to stay in. It is only 4 hours away! But, we have to wait.
    We’d also like to go to England, to a couple areas north of London, and London.
    We wouldn’t mind going to somewhere warm and resort like. But, this will all have to wait. Like you say, bummer!

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