1 Can of Spray Paint + A Shabby Chic Birdcage

I realized recently that I haven’t done any fun DIY posts on here in a while, so let’s do one of the easiest projects in the WHOLE WORLD! All you need is some spray paint and something you want to paint. That’s IT!

I picked up this shabby chic birdcage at the thrift store for $4.90. I think it was probably used as a card holder at someone’s wedding because in addition to the birdie door opening there is a latch that you can undo so you can lift up the entire top.


The birdcage was originally painted a beige-ish color and had spots of nastiness and rust on it. It wasn’t too cute, but I liked its size and curves… so into my trunk it went. And there it lived for a couple months because I was too lazy to bring it inside.

Well, I got the urge to do some spray painting… so I grabbed a can of teal paint that was just hanging out in my basement with the spiders.


Two coats later (with no prep-work at all) and check out the curves on this bad boy! Bow chicka, bowwow…right?!


The project cost me less than $5.00 since I had the paint leftover from another project. However, if you needed to buy a can of Rustoleum spray paint they typically cost around $6 and you’d have plenty leftover for other projects.


Have you been spray painting anything lately? What color would you have chosen for my birdcage project? I was originally thinking of spraying it shiny silver and hanging it in Jack’s room like a spaceship…

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6 thoughts on “1 Can of Spray Paint + A Shabby Chic Birdcage”

  1. This is seriously cute. It would be an adorable addition to a porch, such as the one I recently had put in. Hmmm… On a side note, my wedding card holder was a wire pumpkin, because I did it up fall style for the Nov 21 date. It isn’t often you get to brag about details of your wedding from 4 years ago, I had to carpe the diem, if you know what I’m saying.

    1. Do you still have your pumpkin card holder? Because you could totally spray paint it and add it to your porch decor… maybe add a tealight candle inside too? =)

  2. SUPER cute! I was thinking white, since that’s kind of how I roll. I like to paint my WALLS bold colors, then decorate with white, black and/or silver. That way my housewares don’t go “out of style” because I’m cheap! Speaking of cheep cheep….
    I saw these mechanical birds that tweet, I wonder if my little girls would fall for mechanical birds in a beautiful cage and think it counts as a pet? 🙂

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